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Chris's Frostgrave & Ghost Archipelago Terrain Efforts

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48 minutes ago, Brianuk said:

Looking good. I like the continued use of CDs/DVDs  but I am a terrible hoarder of them so don't think I could manage to copy this. 


Thanks!   I tend to use mostly outdated CD's I have; old program files, or outdated and obsolete educational software my wife brings home from her school, and freebies that come our way every now and then.  If I don't have any immediately at hand, I buy a three pack of blank recordable CD's at the local dollar store. 

   I don't have any fancy saws or anything, so my ability to cut/create non-warping large bases is very limited.




1 minute ago, Chaoswolf said:

The hair roller/pirate cage is a pretty cool idea!


Thanks!   I wish I could take credit for it, but just copying what I saw someone else do somewhere online. ::):

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Almost like them more than the ones I got from a kickstarter...hmm, way cheaper that's for sure...yup, good work sir.


Way more stable on the tabletop too, that's for damn sure.


Glad to see you guys keep churning out terrain for your games, love it.

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Thank you all for the kind comments!  


So, as I happily looked at the finished cages this morning, it dawned on my that I had totally forgotten to add doors! :blink: 


So this morning I debated over how to go about it, then I hacked at one of them, and added some inner framing to (hopefully) give the impression of a door along with a little trompe l’oeil painting.  

Hopefully this afternoon, when the glue has dried, I can improve on things, and if all goes well, I will repeat the process on its twin.






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1 hour ago, Jordan Peacock said:

Brilliant use of hair curlers for cages!  :D  How'd you find a seated/slumped skeleton?  (Some regular skeleton model cut apart and re-positioned?)



I wish I could take credit for the curlers, but like I said earlier, I'm just copying from memory something I saw someone else do.  ::):  


The skeleton is made mostly from GW skeleton parts (the right arm is from the Frostgrave Cultist's sprue.)  It had one straight leg already, and I had to bend the other leg a lot to get the raised knee look with the foot flat on the floor.  I then glued the torso on at a different angle from what's intended, and trimmed the neck so the head would sit with the chin on his chest.  I also cut the shield straps off that were precast into his left hand.



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