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This topic contains links to the topics and articles that are frequently referenced by the Reaper community for information on painting miniatures.
If you wish to add a resource to the list, please PM me or another Moderator.
Note: Many of the links on this page have gone bad after Reaper did their initial website upgrade.  At this point, I am not sure how to fix these or even if it is possible. I'm looking into it and will either fix the links or remove them when I know more.  Sorry for the inconvenience. Links I know are bad have been struck through.
New to the Hobby and Want to Know Where to Start?
I have received a request to make a list of tutorials for beginners.  If you are new to the hobby, I suggest you read through the following in the order presented. (Note that these links are also shared in their respective categories as well.)


  • The Tutorials Database: A running list of miniature related tutorials on the internet that people have found useful. Note that this list is not updated to fix or remove links that no longer function as time goes by.
  • Books Helpful for Painting: A running list of miniature related books that people have found useful.
  • Working With Bones Minis: This link takes you to Rhonda Bender's excellent series on preparing and painting Bones minis.  The link takes you to the first article which has links to the other articles.
  • Reducing the Flexibility of Bones Minis: This link takes you to Doug's science page where in he and others experiment using chemicals to leach plasticizers from Bones in order to harden them.  Try this at your own risk!
  • Your favorite Youtube channels: This link takes you to a member-generated list of YouTube and other video tutorials on a wide variety of Hobby-related topics, including Painting, Conversion, Terrain, and Sculpting.
  • Bird with a Brush: Rhonda Bender's personal blog where she reveals her secrets. 
Color Theory
  • All About Color: Christine Van Patten's excellent running guide to color theory; a must read.
  • Value Contrast: Erin Hartwel's (Corporea) discussion on contrast.
Miniature Prep


Miniature Photography

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