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Palladium Robotech RPG Tactics Zentraedi Regult Battlepods


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Well, odds are you either watch/watched Robotech, or the title of this post made no sense.... ::):


I've been purchasing Big Stompy Robots for a little while now and finally got a chance to start painting some.  (Ongoing Big Stompy Robot WIP is over here )

Decided to start with some Robotech figs from Palladium's never-ending kickstarter (Original delivery esitmate: dec 2013, latest wave 2 delivery guestimate: 2nd quarter of 2016....).


I've started with the Zentraedi (the invading aliens) as my friend wanted to do the UEDF (United Earth Defense Forces).

The bulk of the Zentraedi forces are Regult Battlepods, so I've got 24 of these guys to build and paint (plus 12 artillery pods, and 2 scout pods....).


So far, two done.


 post-8239-0-02907800-1446329179.jpg post-8239-0-48100000-1446329183.jpg post-8239-0-88959700-1446329188.jpg


Now obviously these guys are tabletop.  See, they look much better from a distance:




There,now it's much harder to see that I can't make a straight line!  ::D:


Now if you've seen the cartoons, this is pretty much what the battlepods look like.  4 colours, dark lines.


Like that.


I watched a couple of videos on how people were painting these up.  Apparently all these folks have way steadier hands than I do....

Process is simple, prime in white, base coat, seal with gloss, use some sort of marker (I used a Micron 005) to mark in a bunch of lines, gloss coat again, and dull coat.


For now I'm not putting any transfers on them.  That may change later, once I get them all painted.


And I've just painted the bases black for now.  With the scale of them I'm not sure exactly what I'd put on the bases. These are 1:285 (aka 6mm). So even though they are quite big figs:


a human wouldn't be as tall as the side bits of his foot.  In full scale a Regult is listed as around 60 feet tall, so I'm not sure how my normal basing stuff would look.

Plus some battles can take place in space....so I'm just leaving them black for now.


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The pod looks nice and cartoony. Have you considered drawing road markings on the ground? Just to give it a little something.

Yeah, I've seen them done that way (although they printed out roads and glued them on the bases).  Looked pretty good.  

I'm just not sure what I want, so they'll stay black for now I guess.

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