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77144, 77146, 77145, 77147 Mummy; 77338, 77339, 77340 Avatars of Sokar, Thoth, and Sekhmet


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Very nicely done!


The attention to detail you put in is well beyond 'tabletop' 


I imagine it can become a test of endurance to get that many done with that level and attention to detail. I tried once, with a group of lizardmen, and on the 40th day (or so) I said "ENOUGH!" and pressed the reptiles in to service on the gaming table. A few months later my hand un-cramped and my eyes un-crossed. :)


I've found it tough to get through to the last one with the same energy and creativity level as I started with! In fact, impossible! After a period of time I couldn't throw globs of paint at the things fast enough!


You did a fantastic job staying the course so far and putting the effort in to bring out the badness from first to last, but a break from the line is understandable. Gotta let those batteries recharge sometimes! :)

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