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A Nightmare in Feathers:- Kingdom Death Phoenix


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Did a bit more work over the weekend:-




I did its crest using the same purple scheme as its fingernails, with this, the back is officially done! Woohoo!


Also started on its 'Butt-hole of Doom'. Basecoated both the hole itself (Vallejo Elf Flesh) and the escaping hands (Vallejo Dwarf Flesh) and gave them a wash of Flesh Shade.

Hopefully tomorrow I can add the highlights, and then the tail is 100% done.


Then just a bit more work on wing 2, and I'll be about halfway there.

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Finally took the bull by the horns and started getting all the remaining skin done:-




Several more coats of Vallejo Elf Fleshtone finally got me a solid basecoat and then it all got a good Flesh Shade wash.


I did manage to make a bit of a mess though (it's hard to reach the palm sides of his big grabby hands).

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