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Kerthnk, damn I dropped it again. Fall WIP

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So, unlurking here as well. I thought the bugbears looked really bland from KSII, until I saw what Adrift did with his, and I was inspired. My approach is copid from Adrift, duplication being the higest for of flattery. Here is the first one of my band, will be 7 in all. After photographing I realized that i probably need even more contrast. Here te top 2/3's of this guy is painted.




I think especially on the face I could go even ligher in the highlights. maybe up to light yellow in the yellows, and pink in the purples.

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Looking good!

Pics 1 and 3 are a bit bright though, and 2 a bit dark.

The forum mantra here is higher high lights, Darker Shadows.

To the point that if it looks too bright / dark, you are almost there!


I personally don't go that far, but I also paint for games, not competition...


Taking pics of minis is very difficult! Have you looked at the Shutterbug Threads? Good info to be found here....



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