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2015 Secret Sophie / Winter Exchange - CHATTER Thread!

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I'm house sitting for my brother...I FOUND THE *BLEEP* PACKAGE THEY WERE SUPPOSE TO SEND OUT! >__<




Apologies to my partner, your package will be sent out on Saturday. On the plus side, your box has accumulated a few more miniatures. But...you do lose the candy. Wasn't sure about the quality so I tasted one. Tasted like melted chocolate + paper. *candy disposed*


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Quick update and brag. I have a 4 lb 5 oz granddaughter. She's doing great. My daughter still has high blood pressure so still in hospital. Thanks for all the comments and support!

So I just got done taking pics of what Corporea sent my way and I'm amazed. She not only painted up one of the most amazing winter villains I've ever had the pleasure to lay my humble gaze upon, but s

Quick pic of the Pirate Shark:

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    • By Marsya
      I managed to get my winter exchange piece and gifts to vegascat in time for Christmas. Since he sent me a heartfelt thank you directly and I know she made it I wanted to post up some of the photos I took before mailing her off. I will let vegascat share photos of the gifts if he chooses and just post the painted miniature. I had alot of fun painting her up and quite enjoyed keeping her to a limited palette. I am happy he likes her and that she made it safely during a busy mail time.
      Here she is on her scenic base alongside the Golem Familiar from 02826.


      And I wanted to keep her removable in case he wants to use her for gaming.

      I enjoyed painting her quite a bit I think my favorite part was her skin, I used a bit of purple pink in the shadows which I think shows better in hand and then glazed it with a rosy flesh to help make it a bit warmer while still looking cool overall. I will have to pick her up again and paint one up to keep, she is just too pretty of a sculpt not to.
    • By recruittons
      So, Dispatchdave painted me up a couple of minis for the Winter Exchange. These things are... I cannot express just how much I love these.
      The colors used on Darkrasp are gorgeous. I love his skintone in particular. The robes are wonderful and (since things were a bit rubbed off when he got here), I touched up his chains and scythe. I did the scythe with a very pale blue, white brushed on top in a streaky pattern.
      The visbaronesses face is my favorite bit (after that, the lovely autumn color selection). It's just stunning. the puffed up, slightly reddened cheeks, the perfect eyes, the amazing hair.
      DD, you've seriously made me happy. Thank you so much for the fantastic miniatures!

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