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I've never used it; but I am willing to bet it is a one shot deal !


A timed practice will only frustrate the heck out of me, so I won't indulge my nerves system to that experience !


I think you would get more distance out of repeating adjectives since they are so difficult for English speakers.

(we don't have to match genders and case) on our adjectives like most European languages.

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My baby brother just completed the German Tree.



I introduced him to Duolingo after I started.  He seems to have been busting his butt

getting the lessons done every day.

Good for him.

So, he beat me, though I will be done by mid February... I'm competing against me,

no one else.

Keep up the great work, and keep those streaks going.  It is attainable !

(oh.. my bro.. is a butt head..).  Just so you know that you are more gifted than he is :devil:

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Just bulldozed my way through "feelings" on the Norwegian language page.

Pant pant pant...

While hacking and fighting off all the language gremlins I discovered (for me anyway)

a little surprise about the "SKIP" button.  I (as a rule) do NOT hit the skip button.  I usually

make a guess on what the lady with the mouth full of marbles is saying.  If I am wrong I trigger

about 8 new sentences with marbles, and she frustrates me terribly.  Eventually I get it right,

and the lesson continues. 

Today I could NOT understand two words in the sentence, so I decided to hit skip !

"There was NO penalty"..gave me the correct answer and continued on.  NO pounding

me into the ground with more sentences to translate verbally.  Kathud.

I thunked I just learned somfun ! 

This may only apply if you are further along in the course..so I don't know if it works the same for you.

After 248 days, I might be a slow learner ! 

I can smell that certificate of completion now.. sniff sniff  :wacko:

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Today I got finished with lesson (Adverbs2 #2), and realized the lingots bell was highlighted.

I clicked on it and it showed 24 Lingots for a 240 day streak.

I don't even pay attention to the lingots anymore.

This snowy weekend I'm going to try to snowplow through a pile of these lessons.

Might as well make the most out of being shut in the house with 50 plus mile per hour winds,

and around a foot (more or less) of snow.

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I don't think they mean that you are 40 percent fluent. 

I think they are saying that you are 40 percent fluent in what you have learned.

If you go back and refresh those lessons you have taken and passed that number will go up.

The Level you are at will also rise.

I do NOT go back and refresh often, I stay at level 12.

(remember I am in a beta course).

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