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Where are you guys seeing this percentage?

I don't see that percentage since I am beta course.



Ah, that explains it.  I think the Swedish course is still Beta as well. 


My brother John was constantly going on about his fluency score, and I had no idea

what he was talking about, until he mentioned that I was in a beta course (and I think Swedish is also).

so, I don't really get hung up on it.  I have no one to talk to until I go over and chat with my cousins.

I'll worry about fluency when I find out how much English they use..LOL.

I'm more concentrated on finishing the modules at this stage.

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I have kept everything full most of the time. I think the fluency percentage is a basic attempt at how much you have completed of the program. I think that might be similar to how communication works in general (the whole roughly: 100 words will give 50% communication ability, 2000 words will give 90-95% communication).

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Had my first instance of using the Swedish word instead of English this morning in a post. Didn't even notice till I happened to look back at the thread.

Its only the first my friend !

Soon you will be saying things like "Snakker han flytende Svensk" ?

Does he speak fluent swedish.. and you won't even notice you said it.

When you answer a question "Ja" instead of yes... yeap, your almost there.

Its all laughable, and in time you sort it all out.

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Congrats JeffStray.

I bet that felt terrific !


I started doubling the amount of lessons I do as of yesterday.

I started the FINAL large Segment (six lessons in this segment).

The remaining segments are 4, 3, or 2 lessens in each). 

I am in the home stretch on the language tree. 

Deo Gratias !  Takk til Gud ! baruk atah El-, , or any way you want to say it...lol

I should finish in the next fifteen days.


Oh, this segment that is large, deals with BUSINESS !!

Like investments, debts, loans, percents, returns, corporate boards, standing in line,

and how about a sentence that reads "He is marrying her only to get a hold on her fortune"..

Two down today, four more to go.

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75 day streak!


Even if a lot of that is just one practice lesson, and no new lesson, I am proud of that stat!

Fantastic Tallae !

That's a great stat.. whoohoo.  !

You are nailing this thing well.


After a streak like that, you get fixated on keeping it alive, and it makes each lesson easier

in one sense.  Keep going, and soon the language tree will be accomplished !

I'm rooting for all of you guys to get a second language behind you.

Mentally it is great for you, but secondly it is career enhancing.. you are bi-lingual.

That means you are worth DOUBLE than what anyone else can do.

(May sound silly, but believe me it isn't).

I am now within 15 day's of my Norwegian tree completion.

Gosh, I am a bit tired (since I am doubling the amount I do each day);

But I want it to end in success.  I have been doing this over 300 days.. (had a break in my streak).

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On to the Norwegian tree count down !

It looks like I will give myself a valentines day certificate of completion that day !

Hard to imagine I have been doing this so long.

I think I will assess learning another language before  I start another !

I somehow feel chained to my coffee table with its seven yellow legal pads marked "Norwegian ONLY".


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Jay Does the Snoopy Dance !

I've been doubling up going through the section on Business.

(Finance, etc... is NOT my area).

This morning I completed the sixth and final lesson on Finance.

I then added up what is left.. I have 20 lessons until the tree is completed !

Believe me, If I can muddle my way through a language, you folks should have no problem.

I am SO looking forward to being able to stop writing everything down in ten days; if I can pull it off.

I must admit that now as I count down, it is exciting and a great sense of accomplishment is kicking in.

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