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Looked to me that it was only a few new sections added. No where near 150 new lessons. That would indeed drive me a bit crazy.

I just checked and I completed the FIRST Norwegian language tree on 18 FEB this year.

I do (usually one section a day, though I have done four in a row if I was interested and had the time).

So I have done about (I do take a day off now and then) 110 lessons so far.  I still have about 44 more to do.

The have said that the Norwegian upgrade was the largest they have ever done !

(Lucky Me..ROFL).

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How is everyone doing on Swinging through their trees ?


Making progress?  Is it becoming easier, are you filling in words based on context ?

Are you enjoying the process ?  Have you been using the "Report a problem" section.

I think they are beginning to dislike me a lot..LOL.

Lots of silliness in the second Norwegian upgrade... They did a rush job in some areas.


Hope you folks are moving forward.. the feeling of getting that owl is a great sense of accomplishment !

Wishing everyone luck.  I should be done in about 45 days on the second update (I'm NOT doing anymore).


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Argh !!!!!!!!!!!

I took an accounting of all that needs to be done in my Duolingo course.

I have 72 areas that need to be completed.  At one course a day that is 72 days. 2 1/2 months to completion.

I thought about it, and said.. NO WAY am I going to be chained to my computer desk for 2.5 months.

So I have considered the weather, and my goals.  I now will be knocking out ONE topic per day.  Meaning I will

complete the entire course in 32 days.  Most are two lessons, 14 are three lessons, and about four are four lessons.

I think I can handle that.  With this heat I can't sleep in to late, and I should be able to finish the lessons before 0930 each day.

Then paint minis, and hug the A/C unit..

That's the plan to complete the course in Norwegian !

Its doable.

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Go Jasonator, Go!  


I did an assessment of my possible progress myself the other day.  If I keep up at my current rate.... sometime next January.  I hope to add in supplemental material.  That and work through Rosetta Stone as well (mostly for the pronunciation practice).  But DuoLingo will be my daily practice.

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I had quite the chuckle this morning.

I did two lessons back to back, spent 80 minutes completing them both.

(that also includes writing down the Norwegian sentences (both verbal and written), and

including the CORRECT translation into my yellow legal pad.

I landed up taking two hits on two simple words that I know. 

Then it dawned on me.  They are being STRICTLY GRAMMATICAL !

I'm being strictly ideological.  "Norway got its constitution in 1894" is grammatical.

"Norway received its constitution in 1894" is ideological.

Yes they MEAN the same thing, but that WASN'T what the sentence was saying.

It used the word "Hadde"... "GOT".. le sigh.

Be careful when you come across those sentences..!

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I am now down to 21 learning areas to finish the Norwegian tree.

I am now at level 14, and I am knocking off one area (with two or four lessons) per day.

At this rate I should get my owl back on 2 or 3 August.

I have knocked off 19 areas in twelve days. 

I am bound and determined to get this language course behind me.

One of my brothers competed the German and is now doing the Spanish.

Said it was kicking his butt since he speaks Spanish to mainly Mexicans.  Taint the same language..LOL

I am looking forward to getting away from the duolingo gorilla after the last two years !!!

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Today is 21  23 July, and I now have 13 10 areas/topics to complete in my Norwegian course.

that is about 42  36 lessons that remain to be done.

Today I did a 4 lesson Topic.

I am knocking out 1 topic per day at least,

(some are 3, 4, or 6 lessons each).

I just want it done.

I am planning on completion in 13 days..If not, as soon as possible after that.

It might require me to do four all day courses.. line by line.

Once it is done, I'll celebrate !


Hope that everyone is swinging through their trees !

Edited by Jasonator
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Hope I'm not driving anyone crazy (besides myself, and I might be there now)..LOL.

I did EIGHT (8) lessons in duolingo today.

Leaving me with 22 lessons until I am done.

I am so close to that golden owl I can hear him breathe (can't hear an owl fly though).

I am thinking that I will do eight a day for two days, and finish off the course on Saturday.

Right now I have two lessons left in Fantasy.. oh.. did you know: "The keyboard is mightier than the light saber" ?

Laughed my butt off on that one.

It seems like the more I did today, the easier it became.  There was some tough stuff in there,

but it made sense to me for some reason.  Even the verbals didn't stump me, and she was almost not understandable

a few times. Keep plowing along.  I may have to borrow Ub3r-n3rds axe by Friday !

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I am now down to nine (9) lessons before completion.

I will finish those up tomorrow, and get this course behind me.

I need to take a break from the languages for a bit.

I will probably start another one in a few months.

I might do the Spanish I have forgotten so many years ago.

Though I have no desire to learn the Spanish of Spain.

Just doesn't work here.

South American Spanish is what I will be looking at.. IF I decide to do another language.

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You are an inspiration! 

Thanks Talae !


I'm actually just a hard headed half Norwegian..ROFL.

The sense of accomplishment once you get that owl is really worth it.

According to the site, an awl is equal to a level B1 in Europe, which is a PASS grade in your chosen language.

You are BI-Lingual, but not Fluent in the language.

I find myself thinking in Norwegian when I shower in the morning.

Sometimes its quite funny.

KEEP Climbing !!

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