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77094 Trista, the White Wolf


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Thank you all!!!!!


Saludos y bienvendios. Tu miniatura es muy bien. Buen trabajo y bueno suerte en la compitencia. Los joyas apparence de verda. Perdona mi espanol. No practi mucho.
Gracias Zoot.

Que genial, tu español esta muy bien!!, mucho mejor que mi ingles :), Thanks for your comment! and I am pleased to announce that i won the painting competition :)


First off, welcome to the forum!


Secondly, thanks for sharing your work, she's a very nicely done figure. Good luck in the competition!

Thank you for the welcome, I am glad to announce that i won the painting competition :)


She looks great, crisp and shiny.  And the fallen idol head is a keen touch.  Welcome!

Thank you!!!! that was the first base i do with something else than just static grass!!!


WELCOME ABOARD! That is a WONDERFUL way of introducing yourself.


She is a BEAUTY...BEAUTIFULLY painted & boasting a LOVELY base. VERY WELL DONE

Thank you!!!!


Very nice indeed great use of true metallics also the face is excellent. Well done and welcome ;)

Thank you!!!! the face is always a challenge for me!!!


Nice! Excellent work!!

thank you!!!!


Welcome to the forums and showing us a nicely painted mini..

Thank you!!!

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Welcome! She is beautiful! Love the hair and shield!

Thank you!!!! the shield its my favorite part too!!


Well done! Very good use of metallics and the wolf eyes on the shield are very nice. Welcome to the forums. The only thing to point out about this is that the pictures seem to be a bit out of focus. But other then that, this is a good effort. 

Thank you!!!,  You are right the photography it's my pending issue, i will keep trying and i will post the results soon :), and that eyes are one of my favorite parts of the mini!!!


Nice work. Clean painting. Just need to work a bit on taking a bit clearer or brighter photo, welcome !

Thank you!!! You are right the photography it's my pending issue, i will keep trying and i will post the results soon :)


Welcome to madness the forum.


You've done a great job on Trista.


Nice base with the fallen idol too.

Thank you!!!


Welcome to the forums, and great work! Love the colour selection, and you did a good job on the basing. This gives me ideas for my own Trista. Enjoy the craziness here!

thats great!!! i am really glad to know it will help you with your scheme :), it's a detailed and nice miniature to paint

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