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Thanks for the welcome and the praises!


These and a few shaerileth spiders I am working on are a way of trying a new technique for me, wet blending.

I did that on the tentacle thingies of the bathalians and later did a bit of fry brushing on top for some extra highlights.

I need a lot more practice befor I feel confident enough to start on Cthulhu :B):


After so long not doing anything with miniatures I am in awe of the endless cool models one can buy these days.. :blink:

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Thanks everyone!


I really enjoyed painting these minis and hope to have a bunch more ready in the near future.



They look amazing.


Great come-back.!


Minor nitpicking...base them, These are so cool they deserve a base to bring them to life!

Could be as easy as a base with some sand on it.


I look forward to see more of your work.


I am planning to build a (small) diorama with them, so the base part is definitely going to happen.

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