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Cthulu Wars Cultist (woops, not a necromancer!) - First Attempt at OSL

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So I don't know who made this guy or anything I now know this guy is a cultist from the Cthulu Wars boxset - he's made of a yellow plastic of some variety which took primer just fine, but on the bits I'd missed with primer, hated my paints with a vengeance. As such, he was a bit odd to paint. He came out of the UK/EU Box of Goodwill =] 




So um, hope you like him, despite his quirks and extremely dodgy OSL. I've never tried it before and I found I'm super terrible at it, haha. 


As soon as I have an ID for this guy, I'll edit my topic a tad =] 


Paints are GW Citadel...

-Abaddon Black


-Khorne Red

-Standard Mechanicus Grey

-Ushabti Bone

-Blood for the Blood God

-Temple Guard Blue

-White Scar

-Fenrisian Grey

-Seraphim Sepia

-Agrax Earthshade

-Steel Legion Drab


aaaand a lone P3 got in there, in the form of Cold Steel. 

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Good for your first try. But I think the light should hit more of his far arm, Just remember the three Ps of anything practice, practice, practice!


Thanks =]

Fair enough, I was wary of going too heavy with it and just ending up with wierd blue slush all over his upper body, haha, so I was maybe a bit more hesitant than I should've been. Next time hopefully I'll be able to display a marked improvement =] 

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Good try, you

Can only improve if you try new techniques. Hats off to you


Thanks =] 

This is very true - I've got a half painted Nethyrmaul sitting in my bedroom at the moment, and while I wasn't planning on any OSL on him, I'm figuring he won't be a 'first' for anything other than putrid flesh, which is currently going quite well, haha. I've only been painting a few months, but it's terribly satisfying, getting to grips with new stuff ^^

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Your off to a good start. And remember the pleasure of painting is what you get out the completed mini and watching your own progression ;)


Thanks =] 


Now that the shiny newness of painting has worn off for me, I have been struggling a bit with just being... Into it. So figured trying something new might help me out a bit, give me back some enthusiasm. I've got a plethora of GW minis that I got in cheap job lots on eBay, so I think I'll try out new things on some of them, maybe try and improve my OSL a bit. Might defeat my apathy, haha. 

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That figure is a cultist from the Cthulhu Wars box set. Each of the factions in the box has cultists of different colored plastic.


That being said......good start.



Reverend Shartan


Cheers for the id on him ^_^ 


But eep, cheers <3  




Have fun.!


Thanks ^_^ 

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I like... your blood!  :)


Looks like your OSL needs something, but I've only tried it a handful (literally 5) of times.  Maybe...go brighter on the closest/brightest part?  Start with such a thin wash you can't see it until your 4th pass (seems to work for me as long as my paint doesn't get chalky)?

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I like... your blood!  :)


Looks like your OSL needs something, but I've only tried it a handful (literally 5) of times.  Maybe...go brighter on the closest/brightest part?  Start with such a thin wash you can't see it until your 4th pass (seems to work for me as long as my paint doesn't get chalky)?


Haha, thank you =] 


I may go back and revisit the OSL on this guy when I'm in less of a painting funk tbf, but aye, I'm thinking more highlight, and then yet more highlight. In all forms of art, I'll be honest, I've always really struggled with tinting a light source very effectively, but erh. First attempts are first attempts for a reason =] 

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In my limited experience with such things (OSL, NMM, etc) it always looks wrong or too much when I'm doing it, then when I leave and come back it appears to have worked as the (countless) tutorials indicated it would.


NMM terrifies me, haha xD not even going there with that one, gonna stick to TMM and OSL for the time being of my 'try and learn to be better at' challenges. Perhaps I'll revisit him in a couple of days when I've got decent light and some hours to furrow my brow =] I'll try pushing his highlights a bit more, then leave him alone again for a bit.


Goodwill box ... nice. 


I like that you made him nice and creepy.  It's like I'd hesitate to even touch it for fear of iky blood and being cursed.




Thanks - icky blood is one of my favourite things to paint, haha. I'm sure this little guy would love to curse you, but he'd probably only manage your thumb or something. Rest of you would be fiiiiiine =] 

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