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Fantasy Football Chaos Team & Human Team Kickstarter by Impact Miniatures

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About this project



Impact! Miniatures would like to cast up two new resin based fantasy football team. We also have obtained 4 new single miniatures we would like to have mold and cast in resin.


The first is the Beastface Chaos team sculpted by Jon Boyce. The Beastmen are 29mm to the eyes and the Minotaur is 40mm to the eyes. The Base team comes with 11 Beastmen, 4 Warriors (with multiple head an arm options) and one Minotaur. If you would like a Deluxe version of the team you will receive 16 Beastmen, 4 Warriors (with multiple head an arm options) and one Minotaur.


The second is the Bowza's Bruzas Human team was sculpted by amateur sculptor Trevor Bowser. The Base team comes with 18 human players (4 Blitzers, 4 Catchers, 2 Throwers and 8 Linemen (all unique poses)). If you would like the Deluxe version, you get 4 more miniatures, an Ogre, Coach and 2 Cheerleaders.








We also have several add-ons that you can include with your reward Add-ons that are new figures to the Impact! range. (Images of the figures are included after the add-ons list)

•$10: SSB Chaos Ogre

•$8: Beastface Minotaur

•$7: Shub-Niggurath (Beast)

•$5: Margoth Doomgrim (Chaos Warrior)

•$3: Crazy Igor (crazed football human)

•$17: Bowza's Bruzas add-on pack (Ogre, Coach, 2 Cheerleaders)

•$15: 5 Beastface Beastmen

•$8: 4 Beastface Chaos Warriors

•$5: 3 Flaming Skull Dice







I've backed numerous Impact projects and they've all delivered (mostly on time too) and the folk there are really helpful and easy to deal with

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I love the Chaos Star Player with the football head.


Thanks!   That was a figure that I personally designed and I love how he turned out.  If you have an Icepelt Rulebook, Margoth is described (but not pictured) on page 27 and I just had to try and bring that character into the miniature world.




Also apologies on the sculptor of the Beastface team ... I have fixed that.  Jon Boyce hired John Pickford to sculpt the team and the KS now says that.

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