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77180: Shaerileth, Spider Demoness

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Hi everyone,


Recently I picked up my hobby of painting minis and building dioramas. I have a lot of ideas in my head and have a load of new minis to paint.

Among them I have 2 bones shaerileth spiders. I was searching on the net for some inspiration on what color scheme to use, when i found a building instuction of the metal variant here on the reaper website. When I took out my spider from its blister I noticed its legs were a bit off.. The legs were not in the proper place.  The 2 longer hind legs were in the middle and front.

I cut them of and pinned them so i could place them in their proper location.




Put on some very old green stuff, (already ordered me a fresh batch) to tidy up the new connections.

I have only started on one spider to see if it would work out the way I like and this is where I am at now with my progress.




At the moment I have not decided on a color scheme yet, to much ideas in my head.

Am I going to use a brush for paint or am I going to get my airbrusch into it?

I will fix the second spiders legs first before I decide on colors and technique.


Maybe some of you have a suggestion for me on a color scheme? ^_^



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If it were me, I would look up dangerous spiders and choose one that appealed to me either by pattern or color or both. If I liked just the pattern, I would probably paint it purple and green because that seems to be what I do since those are my favorite colors! Seriously though, I would look at spider pictures and would also look at the inspiration gallery or Cool Mini and see what others have done to get ideas of what I would like to do.


Oh, and welcome!

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There are many surprising colourschemes for spiders in nature.


All the way from black to blue to green.

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Spider pictures under spoiler tags because some humans just can't handle that sort of thing before they've had coffee.


The Black and Yellow Orb Weaver is pretty spectacular.







Black Widows have a no-nonsense elegance, though the distinctive hourglass is on the underside.





We have Western Black Widows, which are considerably larger than this (not my hand).  I also use a water glass when I release them in the shrubbery; because while spiders don't normally bite defensively, I like to pretend  that I've asked myself "what could go wrong?".



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Thanks for the ideas, I'll use my trusted google to find me some nice pics of those spiders mentioned by you all.


I would like to share some more progress of my work today.. It doesn't seem like much but it took me the whole afternoon to get it to this point :blink:


Since I have 2 spiders I wanted to change a few things on the 2nd one so they don't look like the same creature. I started with cutting of a bunch of hair and her left arm. I made a notch in her dismembered arm at the elbow to get the arm from straight to a bend position. I glued it in place with some superglue. I also bent the pointing finger and as a result she now has a fist. Another thing I did was removing her belly chains.




Then it was time for changing the hair with greenstuff so I made me some and let it sit for a while. Before I started the hair I put her in hot water en bent her right arm too.




As per forum rules I'll link a frontview photo here, be warned.. Nudity!!  





I will do some minor touch-up with green stuff on her hair and arm before I will lay down a first base coat.


Hope you all like it!


I tried to edit so the linked photo's would appear bigger, but I can't seem to fix that.. Sorry

Edited by SpiritOfMadness
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I noticed that small part when heated in hot water tend to gradually turn back to their original position. This happened to her right arm, so late last night I decided to cut her arm of near the elbow and pin it and glue it back in a position I liked. The result is just how I intended it in the first place.

Ik gave her a black base coat and made some photos.. Since I put hair in front of her nudity I think its safe to show the front view here without linking it.








Next one is with both spiders as to show the differences in stance and other changes..




I noticed a few small imperfections this morning which I will correct before I start on her first real color.. I have decided on a scheme which I think will fit her best in the setting for which I intended these 2 spiders.


No spoilers yet, just be patient ::D:::P:


Edited by SpiritOfMadness
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Another progress update..


I painted the human parts of both spiders and although it didn't go as smooth as I hoped, I am pleased with the results.. On one spider I can't seem to get the eyes right so I will give that another try tomorrow..

Color used are vallejo game color royal purple, hexed lichen, ultramarine blue, black, white, black grey for the farious colors on the torso. Vallejo model color oily metal and silver for the jewelry and turquoise, deep sky blue and some white for the gemstones. For the hair I started with a black base coat after that in succesion, night blue, night blue mixed with ultra marine blue, and a few more layers with soem turquoise and last some white for extra highlights..

 With out furhter a-do here are some piccas..




And two linked piccas of the nude front of the non modified spider







On the modified spider I am in doubt about the jewelry around her arms.. because I changed both arms its not lining up nicely, so I am thinking about sanding those of and do some more painting.. That spider also needs more high lighting, but I am done for the day.. or at least for a couple of hours.


Any comments, suggestions or critique is as always much appreciated

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Thanks Xherman and Uber


As promissed a few daylight photo's.. I removed the jewelry from my modified spider and did a new paintjob. Also did some minor touch-ups on the other one. I made the bottom part a bit darker as to blend it more into the legs part. I noticed I was a bit hasty with removing the jewelry, so I have a few areas which aren't sanded really round, but from normal perspective it is hardly noticeable so I'll leave it like that.. Maybe one day when I'm really bored I'll do a once over.






And some linked pics to the nude front





And here they are together







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I am almost finished with my spiders, but I can't seem to decide on haircolor for one of them..

I changed the hair of the modified spider from blue to a silvery white, but I can't seem to get it right. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get silver white hair done properly I would be very grateful!

Also not completly sure if the legs turned out the way I want.. Any input or ideas are always welcome.


Linked pics of progress so far with nude front







post-14632-0-27524400-1447243918_thumb.jpg                  post-14632-0-14181200-1447243925_thumb.jpg


post-14632-0-60812400-1447243947_thumb.jpg                  post-14632-0-73636900-1447243963_thumb.jpg


post-14632-0-95325200-1447243973_thumb.jpg                  post-14632-0-59703900-1447243987_thumb.jpg


They are supposed to be hardened ice-spiders and I will put them in a small diorama with either the "frost wyrm" or maybe some yetis.

I am scratch building some weapons for the spiders and those will need to be done first before I put this up on the "show off" part of the forum.

I don't have any yetis yet so I think i'll start painting the "frost wyrm" next..


Any comments or critique is always welcome ::):




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