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Two bugbears and a hobgoblin walk into a bar...

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Absolutely superb!!

What are you using for that snow?

Just white flocking and some regular glue; I made it a bit thicker so that the snow would come off clumpier, then just started piling it on. Underneath the snow, appearing at the edges, is crackle paint that I dry brushed to make some ice. 


Sweet webs.  Is that water effects?

That's actually clear fishing line with superglue dripped down it. I then cut smaller segments to start the form of the web as the spell accelerates out of his palm. The super glue made it rigid enough to take form, but the underlying fishing line still bends and flexes enough that it took shape easily enough. Everything is all OSL these days...I wanted more of a physical spell and I envisioned him at the base of a stairwell casting the spell so that adventurers couldn't pursue his escape.

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OUTSTANDING! The Trio are BEAUTIFULLY painted & based. Your color choices are WONDERFUL...I love the Bug Bears' facial tones in particular. VERY WELL DONE!

I added the Hobgoblin to my shopping list, AND LO there was your Lad in the catalog...Reaper will be selling more of that Guy with your mini as an example of just how UBERCOOL he can be.

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