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Legendarion Hyena Warrior Bust Gebhuza by Glitterwolf


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Looks awesome, super colorful! Don't forget to put him in the non-Reaper large minis contest!


I did.




Thx all for the kind words I had a lot of fun painting this guy.

Special thx to

Ub3r, Tiniest Rhombus and Robinh for their input and advice.


Learning with every mini.

And the 54mm challenge set me on a path of painting bigger models and busts ( Thx Ub3r, my wallet has just written it's last will)

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You did am amazing job on him!!


Thx CW aprreciate it!


Your attention to detail & fearless color choices make the mini something special. WONDERFULLY WELL DONE!

 I doubt that I could have overcome the intimidation factor that ALL those details bring.


Coming from a man who makes wonderful tiny mushrooms with detailed faces, that's a compliment!

Thank you!

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