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Candy Anime Heroine 50024 (robot)

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Tell me the colors on the gun please?

Solid blue HD is the base color.

Nightmare black was used as a wash

a mix of winter blue and ghost white for the highlights

a little bit of pure black for lines and deep shadows

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Splendid!  It somehow makes the mini a bit more "legit" to use in a sci-fi/cyberpunk game.  (Still eccentric, but somehow more "plausible" within the bubble of cyberpunk expectations, I think, than just an "ordinary" action heroine hefting a gun about as big as she is, in a mini-sailor-fuku costume.  :)  )


i painted mine up as a bioroid for an Interface Zero campaign, but that just involved painting her up normally, and then painting a few "Tron lines" on the skin (as a shortcut way to say, "Look!  I'm artificial!").  I like your approach better; the extra work with the fine lines to make the limbs look segmented, plus a few extra along the muscular "fault lines" (not quite sure what else to call them) do a great job of giving it an "anime android" look.

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Now that is a clever idea; AND you pulled it off in FINE fashion. There is something about her pose that suggests the Robot that SPLENDID brushwork enhances...she looks like she'd make a good marionette as well.  IMAGINATIVELY WELL DONE!

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    • By planetmut
      Not as happy with Candy as I was with Sugar, but she was fun to paint. She does have pupils in her eyes, honest.
      I've just noticed a strip of white on the top of her left thigh. Great.


    • By Rigel
      "Greetings. I hear tell. As some of you in this town. Fancy yourselves Tinkerers."

      Robots in hats are always great. And I've done enough shiny new 'bots for a while. So here's a rusty bucket-of-bolts in a battered bowler! Tried to make any remaining paint look battered and chipped.

      Also, here is M4R1A, clearly a Metropolis reference. But I got an idea in my head and made her into a clockwork angel with watch-part wings and a double halo of glory. 

      Guest appearances by 91002, Hellstromme, 80031, Decker Lugstampf, and 59009, Mad Scientist (Female), who have already gotten their own Weird West posts elsewhere. 
    • By Rigel
      There was a sale, so I got a sweet robot lady from Bombshell! I painted her gold and silver, "Metropolis"-style. Then I remembered I had some shiny gold chainmail rings, and parlayed those into haloes. 

      I used to live in a house whose former occupant was a watchmaker, and he left behind a bunch of stuff neither his heirs (if any) or the landlord cared for, so I am rich in watch parts. While I was digging through the collection for suitable embellishments for Wyrmgear, I came across a bunch of watch hands, and those would be perfect for mechanical feathers. (Side note: I love the little wings on WotC Modrons, but hate that they have bird feathers instead of something more metallic.)

      Gluing them on was a challenge,

      but it got done! Then I found the perfect bit to use as a shoulder joint: 

      And I was able to affix them to that 'backpack' on her back. 

      Here she is with some sort of Celestial detector/sceptre/gauge. Glory be! 

    • By aku-chan
      Presenting an Android Flower-seller, part of the Servants of the Engine faction in the Twisted game universe.
      Had a lot of fun painting this one, although given a second chance I probably would've given her brighter flowers, and luckily you can't see the terrible bit of mold slip going on across her bonnet from this angle.
      As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
    • By Rigel
      Hydra's Robot Legion is fantastic. These are considerably taller than 28mm scale, and are big even on a heroic-scale standard.

      These 'bots are how we learned tinkering with the First Law is a bad idea. Older models popular for security applications came with rheostats that would adjust "how harmful does a thing have to be to be Harm" and "how human is Human, anyway?" This allowed them to rationalize the use of nonlethal force to protect Earth (and Company) interests.

      Hoooo boy. THAT was a lesson Earth learned in short order. Half of the Kuiper Belt is under the Moravec sphere of influence now. 

      Here is a Heavy Support Legionnaire on patrol with a Neural Inhibitor. Be prepared to prove you are, in fact, human. or it will shoot. Documents are not sufficient as proof.


      And an Optio out with a Legionnaire on perimeter duty. 

      Their commanding officer, the Centurion (memetic viruses have become widespread on the outer settlements, and some of the robots have developed...eccentricities.)

      And the entire hegemony under the literal iron fist of their gracious hierarch, Queen Mechanika.

      ALL THE BOTS! 

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