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Splendid!  It somehow makes the mini a bit more "legit" to use in a sci-fi/cyberpunk game.  (Still eccentric, but somehow more "plausible" within the bubble of cyberpunk expectations, I think, than just an "ordinary" action heroine hefting a gun about as big as she is, in a mini-sailor-fuku costume.  :)  )


i painted mine up as a bioroid for an Interface Zero campaign, but that just involved painting her up normally, and then painting a few "Tron lines" on the skin (as a shortcut way to say, "Look!  I'm artificial!").  I like your approach better; the extra work with the fine lines to make the limbs look segmented, plus a few extra along the muscular "fault lines" (not quite sure what else to call them) do a great job of giving it an "anime android" look.

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Now that is a clever idea; AND you pulled it off in FINE fashion. There is something about her pose that suggests the Robot that SPLENDID brushwork enhances...she looks like she'd make a good marionette as well.  IMAGINATIVELY WELL DONE!

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