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Thanks all again!


Herman, your tongue would stick to the water effect....

Very nice! I need to get a couple more of those. It's such a nice and quick figure with so many possibilities. I had the same issue with the water effects, I wasn't losing any sleep over it either. ;-)

Are you going to fill a room with a dozen, each painted differently, which one is the Good Potion, which the poison????


He he he!



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Thanks everyone!

I might be outing myself as a hopeless noob here, but how do you do the water effect?

(It's great btw.)

Asking questions here is expected and encouraged!


There are many different ways to do water effects, the one I used is called oddly enough, Realistic Water, and comes from a company called Woodland Scenics.

If you go to a site called Scenic Express, you can find tons of things for doing basing, and water effects are just one. Woodland Scenics also has a site, and if you search You Tube, you can find all sorts of tutorials on how to use the stuff.

If you have a local Model Railroading store, they will likely have it.

If you go here, you will find a tutorial I did on a bunch of different basing materials, and how to use them as well.



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