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From your blog:


“For the blood splatters, I blew brown and red ink onto the base and then finished it off with GW's Blood for the Blood God tech paint.â€


Can you expand on this? How do you blow paint?


Looks great!!


I've seen it done a few ways:

1) an empty dropper bottle, squeeze it so it sucks up some ink from the palette and then squeeze it out using the air in the bottle to "splatter" it wherever you want on the figure/base.

2) take a flat paint brush, load it with a little paint, then actually blow on the brush so that the paint is randomly splattered on the figure/base using the air from your lungs.

3) take a paint springy brush (a brush with more snap to it), load it with paint, then use your finger to pull the brush tip back and then let it spring forward and splatter the paint on the figure/base.

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