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D&D&D: The Tabletop Fantasy Art of Tom Fowler


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D&D&D: THE TABLETOP FANTASY ART OF TOM FOWLER will be high quality, professionally designed 9â€x9†hard cover art book with at least 100 pages of D&D&D entries. Each entry has been rescanned at a high resolution and colour corrected to capture as much of the quality of the original drawings as possible and present them to you as though you were right there at the table with me.


We're offering this book to Kickstarter backers at an exclusive rate of $15 per book. When published D&D&D will retail for a minimum of $20!






“Tom Fowler’s incredible monster illustrations leap from his tabletop gaming campaigns and directly into your imagination. In a genre built from cribbed-together elements of time-worn fantasy and mythology, Tom’s creatures stand apart as truly original and endlessly inspiring.†-- Erik Mona, Publisher, Paizo Inc.

“Tom Fowler’s art evokes powerful memories of the weird and wonderful fantasy stories of my youth; the kind of earthy sword & sorcery worlds we’d build around the gaming table filled to the brim with wondrous places, dangerous beasts, and questionable morals.†– Jim Zub (Conan Red Sonja, Legends of Baldur’s Gate)

“If I were a big-time producer, I would run to Tom Fowler's door like my elf was on fire, to beg him to design my movie. The rest of us will just have to go to [D&D&D] and slobber like starving dogs.†-- Clint McElroy (Merle Highchurch of THE ADVENTURE ZONE)

“Tom’s imagination and creativity on his D&D&D work is so good I’m mad at him whenever he draws things that aren’t D&D&D.†-- Skottie Young (I HATE FAIRYLAND, FORTUNATELY, THE MILK)

“This book let's all the beautiful monsters out of Tom Fowler's head. How lucky for us.†-- Gerry Duggan (DEADPOOL, NERD POKER)

"Monsters. They're at the heart of fantasy, at the heart of the RPG. We've been exposed to them so many times, it's easy to become familiar, to forget their alien flesh of wonder. Let Tom remind you." -- Kieron Gillen (The Wicked + the Divine, Phonogram, Star Wars: Darth Vader)

"Tom is one of the best illustrators of his generation, not hyperbole, just fact. With influences clear from fantasy master Frazetta, to lush monsters like Ploog, to stunning brush work like Jack Davis all I've ever wanted from him is a book of D&D monsters and fun, and now the planets have aligned to give mankind that which is deserves from his mighty wrist. Buy anything with the man's name on it." --Rick Remender (BLACK SCIENCE, TOKYO GHOST)



A number of years ago I found I’d started to hate to draw. I’d been doing it professionally at that point probably for 10-15 years and before that since I could remember. Suffice it to say that when the thing you do that you feel defines you, the thing that comforted you when you were bullied or when girls wouldn’t talk to you, when that thing becomes the bully in your life... well, it’s not great. I got very low for a long time. Eventually my wife suggested (largely in an attempt to get me out of the house) that I join a group of our friends who played D&D every week.

So off I marched with a note book, dice, and a bottle of wine and spent the next few weeks mashing orcs into a fine paste on graph paper.

I noticed something almost immediately. In the margins of my notebook I’d started doodling. With every game those doodles got more and more elaborate until, ultimately, they started to spill out of the margins. What’s more, I felt no pressure; I was having fun. I was having fun drawing for the first time in years.

In the following weeks I substituted my lined, yellow legal pads for the empty last pages of various old, abandoned sketchbooks. When I’d exhausted them new sketchbooks were consumed.

What I eventually realized was that, in taking myself out of my office, out of my home, away from my work, I’d started carving out the time and space to draw for me. Just like I had when I was a kid. There were no clients, no notes, no expectations, just the giddy excitement of spilling out what was inside my head onto the page without any plan or forward thought of what it might be. The revelation was enormous to me. I started bringing this new-found excitement back to my professional work. I started to love it again.

By this time I’d started the blog. Because I wanted to share that feeling with others. I wanted to share the idea that you could come back, that you could lose it and find it again, and that all it took was pushing a pencil (or a pen, or a brush...) around on a piece of paper and not caring particularly where it took you.

... and also that monsters probably don’t wear pants.

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Tom's a pro - if you're a fan of comics, it's highly likely that you've seen his artwork before. He particularly excels at drawing fun monsters. As he says in his explanation for the KS, he started coming to play D&D with us at one point, and very quickly started drawing these random, fun monsters.


(Ironic side note: As the DM, I rarely got to see those ones before they were posted on the blog, because I was too busy running the game to check out what he'd drawn. :lol: Now that someone else is running a campaign, I get to watch these things in real time!)


The blog is fun, but I know how obsessive Tom can get about the details when it comes to artwork. When he says that the books will be high quality, he means it. If he couldn't do it up right, he wouldn't do it, period. These are going to be nice books. And yes, I've already put in my money. :lol: 


(Another side note: While I was DMing, I looked forward to the blog posts in part to see just how close I'd come to killing his character... If you look at the drawings, most of them have a bunch of numbers in the upper right part of the page. That's him tracking his HP. Since he includes that in the scans, I got to see just how badly he got hurt each week. ::P: Obviously as the DM I had an idea, but sometimes I was a little off.)


Anyway, I'd suggest checking it out. It's fun art, by a quality human, and it might even give you some inspiration for future games.

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Hope you guys don't mind me posting the update... ::): The first three are actually drawings of characters he's had in our various campaigns. Except Plik now has a donkey head.




We've just posted 5 new pieces of art inked from the pages of D&D&D! Using the same technique as I use to draw comics, I've selected 5 of my favourite D&D&D entries, converted them to blueline, and inked them exclusively for this campaign. Each piece is one of a kind and will never be redrawn. So this is your only chance to get them!

More details over on the main site.



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Dr. Seuss' dark phase of drawings discovered.  :wow:

Funny you should say that... ::P: He actually did a comic a few years back (search for "Mysterius the Unfathomable") where they ended up in a world that could best be described as demonic Dr Seuss. ::): I think that was a bit before he started playing D&D with us but a lot of the D&D&D drawings would probably fit quite well in that world. ::): 

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Down to the wire! He's hit the funding goal but there's still a fair chance of hitting the stretch goal too, where he'll do a read-along for the book. Personally, I'm really hoping for that read-along, because if he gets on a roll, Tom can tell a heck of a story. ::): Funding closes tomorrow night at 9pm Eastern (so about 33 hours from now).

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