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A study in layering and magecraft

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Thank you all for the encouraging words.


Looks great! You nailed it. And awesome work on the yellows. When i do yellows, it always end up looking muddy.  Yours on the other hand is clean and vibrant.  Love it.


Well, my first try was horrible as I have said on the first post. Then I started with VMC German C. Black Brown and layered it all the way up to VMC Beige (cuz beige covers much better than the yellows I have).. but the result was not yellow.(surprisingly :P). but rather beige.. so I cheated a little bit and applied a few thin layers of Vallejo Game Ink Yellow to give it the yellow tint :)

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    • By Dae
      I recently finished Anirion! It was time to add layering to my toolbox of techniques and he seems to be the go-to model for learning.
      Since by I now have (just) over 10 minis under my belt, I'm obviously an expert  so I felt confident enough to go with my own colors rather than the ones in the instructions (from Layer-Up kit). Still, even with my "vast experience", I've only painted beasts and monsters so far -- no fancy clothing on any of them -- so I was a bit nervous about messing up my first hero, but you gotta start somewhere. 
      I think he turned out great, but it went nothing like the videos one might find... And by that I mean it took me several painting sessions over a few weeks to finish him.
      More on how it went on: pocketsizedadventurers.wordpress.com/2019/10/19/anirions-wavy-robes/  *

      * First post, woo-hoo! Still finding my way around here. Rules seem to allow non-commercial external links, let me know if I'm wrong... Our blog, Pocket-Sized Adventurers, features the works of two newbies and is meant to keep track of our progress and share our experience with whomever might find it helpful.
    • By knarthex
      Finished up the Vourgha the Ogre late last night, and based him this afternoon.
      So here he is!

      Some close ups of his face:

      This was the 1st time I tried '5 O'Clock shadow' on a figure, and I thought it came out well...
      At least 1 of the close ups seems to be in focus
      Comments Welcome!
      Of to Irrisen in Golarion now for a few hours...
    • By knarthex
      Hey all!
      Been working on and off on this guy, he won't make the August cut, but...
      I recently got new brushes, and am learning to wet blend and layer so he is a transition figure...
      The furs, hair and boots were worked on in my old paint, wash, high light style, now I guess that will end up forming the base coat for my new learning works in wet blending, layering, use of a wet palette and all these other new tips and tricks...
      His skin is GW Tanned flesh, Layered up with GW Dwarf Flesh. His eyes were done with the 'Bette Davis' eyes tutorial from 'The Craft' section.
      Just a couple pics for comments:

    • By AnneO'Leary
      I'm painting this Elf Thief up and I am having problems with getting this cloak to work. Let me show you what I've done and then explain my problem.

      I like the idea of what I'm trying to do here, but the execution is poor. This billowing cloak is like a canvas and I want to do more than just paint it and highlight it. From three feet away, this looks pretty cool, but close up, it's rubbish. What I want is this purple with what looks like blue flames coming up the back.
      I tried to wet blend, but it was rubbish. Would this work if I went in and made my free hand very fine and tidy? Would it work if I outlined the light outer blue in black? In a nutshell, does anyone have suggestions for how to make this work?
    • By AnneO'Leary
      Deathknight and Paladin

      I've gotten two more of my Stonehaven Gnomes completed. Boneyard the Deathknight and Gwen the Paladin. My WIP on these can be found here http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/51529-and-the-kitchen-sink-an-oleary-wip/page-3#entry789473

      I made this little collage of the four gnomes from Heroes of Sprocketshire I've completed so far. I still have to finish the Mad Scientist and he's got base colours down thus far.

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