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80040: Bathalian Primarch, 80039: Bathalian Exarch, 80038: Bathalian Centurion

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Hi everyone.


The paintjob was already done and I planned on doing a diorama with the Bathalians, but things kinda change. The diorama is on the shelf for now.

And because the diorama will have to wait, I decided to try my new super sculpey to make some bases for my bathalians. I really love the SC, its easy to use and my results for a first attempt with the stuff are great. If I say so myself. Hope you all like them!


post-14632-0-48418500-1447524616_thumb.jpg              post-14632-0-18104600-1447525302_thumb.jpg


post-14632-0-61611100-1447524552_thumb.jpg              post-14632-0-24242900-1447524565_thumb.jpg


post-14632-0-80029900-1447525974_thumb.jpg              post-14632-0-62054900-1447524575_thumb.jpg




I hope it was okay that I made a new 'show off' topic, next time I will have a base before I post any in the 'show off' part of the forum.


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Thanks all!


I've been really busy with some other things that just needed to be done, but now that is mostly done I can go back to painting and sculpting.

I order me some new tools and brushes, miniatures, clays and putties and am hoping to have everything by the end of the week, so I can start on my diorama's for the various mini's..

In the spare time I had I have been watching a bunch of Michael Masons sculpting tutorials and can't wait to start with my ordered stuff.

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      Hey everyone, it has been a long time since I posted any WIPs or finished paint jobs. I sort of moved out of my house to move in with my girlfriend and in doing that and moving between places I didn't get around to doing much painting.
      When I was packing some of my things I found an old box full of old hobby stuff. Inside I found lots of old lord of the rings material and some finished and unfortunately broken miniatures. Among them I found the Balrog, which looked pretty banged up, head was off, one of his wings had broken off too.. When I painted those minis roughly 17 years ago I was very fresh in painting metal minis and never even heard of pinning.
      First I thought I would fix him and retouch the damaged spots, but then I thought it would be cool to re do the whole thing and this time not paint him up like the Balrog but like a sort of Ice variant of the fire beast.
      Cleaning was pretty easy with some alcohol. I fixed him up and decided to extend the flames on his back with some greenstuff.
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      Any C&C is as always much appreciated
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      A happy birthday to you! 
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