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Painted CAV bones


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I finally got around to uploading pictures of my CAV mechs from the KS Ace reward.




While I have been painting WW2 and Napoleonic miniatures for almost 20 years, this was my first time painting mechs and I really didn't know where to start. I looked around for other CAV mechs online, as well as Battletech sites, to get inspiration. The other thing I decided to do was make use of the white base color and do them in brighter colors. I'll likely do more camo type schemes when I get the rest of the bones from the KS.


The first two I painted were the red Dictators.




After that I decided I needed variety and eventually settled on the red, blue, green, and white theme. In general terms anyway, I got bored and mixed them up a bit. The album on flickr (link at the top of this message) has grouped shots by mech type and by paint scheme.


For the most part they were fun to paint up, the hardest type to get a decent look was the Halberds and still am not totally happy with the red and green ones but really like how the Tron scheme came out and will probably do more like that. The missing Cougar was still on my workbench when I took the photos (its done up in the white body with grey limbs and tiger stripes scheme).




I also decided not to use the hex bases as they seemed small. Instead I used 40mm rounds to be compatible with the Robotech KS mechs (whenever I get round to assembling them). I used thin cork and sand to texture the bases in a sort of rubble and to be neutral for a variety of settings (not grass, not snow, etc).

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