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Pushing the Boundaries: Ellen Jewett

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Apologies if this isn't the best place, but Talespinner's monday miniature thread got me thinking about how art is constantly evolving and how sculptors have continued to push the bounds of what is possible with our media.


Here's a link to the artist's website: Ellen Jewett

(no commerce links, you have to get on a mailing list for sculptures... I checked ^_^ But she does sell prints of her work. )





This sculptor isn't a miniaturist, but her work is something I'd love to try out on our scale and probably what I'm going to work on for my next project, only with human forms rather than animal ones.  For background, she's a Canadian working in porcelain, wire and self hardening clay, and the delicacy she's able to achieve with that is astounding.  I love the way she incorporates both animal and plant forms together.  just sharing! Carry on!

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beautifully done, but I find those sculptures sort of creepy.

that's surrealism for ya!  It makes me briefly feel like the world is less stable and predictable.  I love that about both expressionism and surrealism, because they evoke such strong emotion when done well.

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Amazing work but they just look like plants growing through corpses to me. To the extent that it takes me quite a while to discern the patterns beneath, and doing so is unpleasant.

It's a pity my reaction is so overwhelming because this is otherwise precisely the kind of thing I like.... except.... *shudder* Too real. I just can't see the abstraction past the concrete, here.

In any case I look forward to seeing where you go with this, and I do hope whatever traumas are lurking in my visual cortex / association interface don't ruin my enjoyment of it!

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Yeah, some very Mononoke vibes in this. I love the birdsnail!


The sort of fine, three-dimensional latticework in these pieces is something I often miss in miniatures...the materials used and the requirements for mold making really make this sort of thing difficult unless you want a tremendously multi-part mini. Some KD and some of the Imbrian stuff are the only things that really seem to come close, as far as commercially available minis (a debatable definition of Imbrian...) go.


Thanks for sharing, I'd never seen her work before.

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