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Yoshi The Mousling Samurai - 77288


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Thank you for the comments, I'm really appreciating them!!!


He is fun isn't he.

I tried setting up the zen garden to be moody, and then I said "I need a focus besides that Austere Samurai Mouse.

So I placed the rose laying on the walkway as if his love left him a subtle gift to find

in the morning. !  I never thought about playing with moods when I was doing basing.

Its simple but adds a twist to the mousling Samurai !

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You did a SPLENDID job bringing the Samurai Mouse to life AND put him in a BEAUTIFUL setting.The first thing that popped into what passes for my mind was John Belushi's Samurai character from S.N.L..  WONDERFULLY WELL DONE, Jasonator San! 

Thank You Malefactus,

Glad you saw the humor in what I was painting.  John Belushi's.. ROFL..Good One.

Its been so long since I looked at TV, but I remember that one !

Its a great mini !

Thanks again !

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