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Arcknight Clear Spell Sheets


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This should be launching very soon.. they are awaiting the KS video to submit.. I got two sheets from the Map grids KS and they are awesome


All orders for Clear Map Grids have officially shipped! The 13x packages that were sent to Germany to be reshipped have certainly arrived in Germany some time ago, but I have not heard information on their re-shipping, so I'll continue to check on that.

Everything else for this campaign is done, and I'm proud to say it's been quite successful... now we can look to Clear Spell Sheets!

Everyone is welcome to post their suggestions, and the basic format IMO will go like this: Class-Specific Spell Sheets

Next, we'll make an edition specific AND class specific set of spells for each prevalent character class, using the most popular spells of that class. These will likely be 'sets' of 2-4 sheets. So, a 5E Sorcerer will have an assortment of all his classic spells. A PF Inquisitor will have an assortment of all of his classic spells, etc etc.

For some classes, I'll simply choose what I think is best, and if other spells need to be included, the pack may just get larger, or we'll make several editions and name them uniquely.

For other classes, I'll be starting polls with a full listing of all the common spells that class has access to, and the audience can simply vote for the ones they think need inclusion.

We can also put in range-finders for the ranges of specific point spells. Like for 'Healing Word's 30' range (but no 'effect' per say) it might be nice to have a 30' range finder included on the side of one of the sheets, etc. More CMG Gridding

With a new campaign, comes an opportunity for more custom Clear Map Grids. We'll have an open access period just like in this campaign where people can submit the grids they are interested in purchasing, and we'll create those and add them to the growing pile of CMGs. Of course, anything previously available to purchase will still be available, this campaign will just be creating more. Objects

Currently we have Carts, Home Furnishing, Tavern Furnishing, Dungeon Furnishing, and Wilderness objects. These ended up being incredibly successful, especially when shown off at local shows. We'll create at least a few more of these. Presently, these were created out of existing doo-dads we had from our maps campaign, and these options mostly came as after-campaign add-ons. This time around we'll put thought and energy into new items during the campaign. Pre-Made Common/Popular Spell Sheets

A variety of 'pre-made' assortments of spell sheets, using common spells, with multiple elements per page where and when required. For example, a Cone of Cold spell, next to a Burning Hands spell, next to a Web spell, etc etc.

These will be edition specific, with actual spell sizes drawn from various popular games. For instance, a 5E assortment and a PF assortment may have different default sizes for these common spells. Other Stretch-Goal ideas

Stretch goals will unlock a steady stream of new options, and everything will likely be add-on based, with shipping and bundling handled in backerkit. This way, as the packs grow, the add-ons grow in size and cost, but we can offer discounts for purchasing key items with large sheet counts. For instance, if we're really attempting to tackle 'every spell' for a major RPG, we could continue to unlock a new sheet of whatever the next-most-popular spells are based on your votes. All of these unlocked sheets can be purchased individually, so you can snipe what you want, but the "bundle" of all of them will certainly be discounted and sold in large packs. However, until we know whether that will be 5 sheets or 25 sheets, any comment about pricing would be pre-mature.

As it stands though, we could have a huge array of unlocks for new classes, new sheets, etc.



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I like those. I use a set made by (uhhh forgot the name ) but they are printed on clear plastic sheets you use for overhead projectors. While they are basic black squares showing the shapes, they work.


These have a nice flare to them. I may have to back em.

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Now live!


About this project
Example Class Pack - Wizard 5E

Here's a tentative look at our ideas for the 5E Wizard;


5E Wizard - 3 Page Concept
22 Spells spanning 3 pages, with a wide variety of elemental types, shapes, and sizes.

This sample captures all the 'must haves' and many of the useful Area of Effect templates that the wizard deals with. Additionally, the 'Ray' spells work as pointers to align options or ping Line of Sight.

The Project

Spell Effects is the continuation of our Clear Map Grids project, printing top notch full color art onto sturdy transparent plastic.

The result is an incredibly useful component for any tabletop roleplaying game. Now when your spellcasters Lightning Bolt, Fireball, and Shatter their way across the battlefield you see exactly where your spells land, and avoid those time-consuming arguments about whether you really CAN hit all 4 kobolds with one spell.

Spell Effects print on 12x18 sheets of sturdy and flexible plastic, easily cut out with scissors. Ongoing effects like a Wall of Fire can be placed directly on your map, and since our Spell Effects are semi-transparent, you can still see your map underneath. Minis can stand right on top of the effect.

When used in combination with our existing Clear Map Grids or any other overlays (like a glass gaming table), you can slide the Spell Effects above the map, but under the overlay, allowing a Spell Effect to slip right under pre-arranged miniatures.

We've already created over 100 varieties of spell effect sheets with single elements on full sheets or applied to the shapes of common attack patterns. The audience is very happy with them. This time around, we're taking it several steps further with more custom graphics and class-specific or school-specific bundles that cater to your character's needs.

Here's a video of our existing effects, but this campaign will take Spell Effects to the next level.

Initial Goal - $5000

The initial goal is to create 6 Class packs and 2 Spell School packs. These packs will be multi-page sets of classic spells for the 5E Wizard, 5E Cleric, 5E Druid, PF Wizard/Sorcerer, PF Cleric, PF Druid, and School of Evocation sets for 5E and PF. But that's just the beginning. As the campaign grows, an endless list of options will continue to unlock, creating support for many more classes, spell schools, and game editions.

Spell Effect sheets are $10 per 12"x18" sheet. We expect the average pack to be $20-$30, but the needs of each pack will determine how large each one becomes. Bundles may apply further discounts.

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Backerkit is working on importing all of our items from our previous 2 Pre-Order sites into the new project for this page.

This kickstarter was somewhat unique - it showed the world the combination of our previous projects and what we had in store as our next step. We had a flood of wonderful backers and lots of support, but their support is for a myriad of things we're doing.

So this new backerkit, and it's accompanying Pre-Order site, needs to include 'everything'. Remember, the tiers for this campaign were discount-based, and did not declare specific items. So all of the possible things that people can order with their KS money needs to be included.

Here's a rough breakdown of what will be included:

Maps - 11 Packs of maps, in Square, Hex and Gridless formats. Plus full-set options.

Clear Map Grids - 62 existing varieties of transparent overlays / gridding. Plus group-discount bundles for 4x and 8x of common items.

Flat Plastic Miniatures - 5 Core Sets, 25 styles of bases, 15 3rd Party Packs, 12 expansion packs with various themes. Plus many bundles and packaged deals.

Object Sheets - 5 existing sheets, plus several more in development (anything we commit to we're going to have to follow through on)

Original Spell Effect Sheets - 106 Varieties of Spell Effects already exist, with 1 element per sheet. We have 15 elements in 7 styles.

New Spell Effects - With all the stretch goals hit, it's FIFTY+ entirely new PACKS of spell effects; Each set customized for it's system, and between 1-3 pages, that could easily break 100+ new unique sheets.

Additional Stuff - We also have a few goodies we may be including on our website / for sale. If anything is ready within the next 1-2 months, there's no sense not listing it in this Backerkit... So while all of this is pending, and nothing is confirmed, here's the additional items we're in talks about;

Frostgrave Spell Effects - Custom Spell Effects, licensed and specifically designed for use with the Frostgrave skirmish game Frostgrave Forum on LAF

Fate of the Norns Spell Effects - Custom Spell Effects, licensed and specifically designed for use with Fate of the Norns RPG 

The Broken Token may be producing a custom Flat Plastic Miniatures storage case.

Chessex Dice that use our company colors.


We're going to have 300+ items in this backerkit, in multiple catagories, so setting them up and making sure the SKUs are correct will take a bit of time. Additionally, for the products that aren't yet available (obviously new products from this KS, but also some of the FPM add-ons that need custom art aren't finished) we want to have a much clearer description and estimate on when they will be available.

We'll send out backerkit invites when they're ready, and be in touch with more details.

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This is fulfilling. I backed for the 5e wizard set, four large sheets (the largest is a 20 inch line for a lighting bolt, 100'x5'). It looks amazing and has exceeded expectations for me. It has spell names and descriptions around the edges of the effects, and in the empty spaces it has little icons for more personal spell effects, like mage armour or phantom steed as seen in the shot below (also seen, the beginning of an 85' line with a ton of ranges for things like feather fall and dispel magic):



I'm pretty happy with this one, though I'll be spending a lot of time cutting.

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