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Bubblegum Dragon


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The problem at hand lay in a wealth of excess: too many dragons and too much paint. I have no idea where the extra Bones fire dragon came from; I'm assuming a Kickstarter, since I don't remember buying an extra. And every time I order something from the factory, one of the lovely people in Shipping throws in a bottle of pink paint.

It's not always the SAME pink... but I now have several bottles each of bubblegum pink, Breast Cancer Awareness Pink... this is not normally a bad thing, but I don't USE a lot of pink except in flowers, mouseling tails and ears, and occasionally clothing. Admittedly, I do a lot of mouselings, but still...

And then Berni hit it yesterday: "Why not do a Bubblegum Dragon?"


77109_w_1.jpg ...and so the experiment began. This dragon sits now on my workbench, scrubbed clean and wearing a fine coat of brown liner.

I didn't bother posting a picture of the dragon in question, because he's boring, and still not dry. But I will keep you informed. After I work the cricks out of my neck, that is...

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When the brown liner dried, I did a quick drybrush in white to bring out the detail, then washed it with Transparent Red. Watered it down a bit, and durned if it didn't wash out into a light red/darkish pink...

When the wash dries completely, I am pondering drybrushing with Bubblegum Pink, and highlighting with Breast Cancer Awareness Pink.


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Interesting concept.


It takes a tough man to paint a Pink Dragon. I wonder what kind of breath weapon a Pink Dragon would have; may be intense Double Bubble Breath.


Gotta be Big League Chew or Bazooka  (since both those are pretty nasty b'gum) :lol:


I had to do a google to see what might came up & I came across this. May it bring you inspiration:



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Hm. Glitter never occurred to me...

b4c99782ab1bddcbadb79fb48836bfb5.jpg Several progressively lighter coats of red to pink to light pink later... (and fluorescent pink for the eyes!)


...and it's currently cementing to a base. It still NEEDS something... but I have to work in the morning, and Walking Dead is on soon... best not to force it.

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Bubblegum dragons spew forth hot molasses.  It's considerably more horrifying the more you think about it:




Witch Hunters love the pink beasts because they have a sweet tooth (actually, a lot of big sharp ones).  On a good day with fair winds they can sniff out a gingerbread house at 15 leagues.  Of course, they end up going through absurd amounts of henna to maintain professional credibility.  That and the incredible number of chocolate coins...

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Teased cotton balls dyed pink might be a means of modeling a cotton candy breath weapon.


Just saying.


It would be sticky. Also creatures would have to make repeated will saves to avoid stuffing their gobs with it once they were mired in it.

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...and it's currently cementing to a base. It still NEEDS something...

Aquarium rocks for basing material? Bright colors. Goes with pink. Maybe red. Is there such a thing as red and grey -or- red and black aquarium rocks?


You could mix two colors, obviously, but I am sitting here wondering if they make split color rocks sort like Chessex Gemini dice (where each rock has flecks of two colors).


Thought of a breath weapon that would send both Sith Lords snd Barbarians packing:



Glitter Stream breath weapon... :devil:



Spoilers for evile...

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