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played my first multi NWN game last night (well I've played with anther friend but more than 2 humans--5 last night), I think I'm gonna like it, we use Roger Wilco also to voice communicate with each other, nice cause a couple guys I've not seen in a long long time.


Dungeon Seige is pretty cool, never played the first one, but I'm playin the expansion & when I'm done with that I'll play the first one (on the same disk)


Also but if anyone has freetime on every other Friday (so next game will be 2 weeks from last night), we need a thief for our group if anyone is interested, the guy that is the thief, tends to just drop out if something else goin in house, without warning <_< . So if anyone is interested PM me!!



Randy M

My fav thing to do in dungeon siege was to make a character who had everything. I mean everything.


I now have a level 70 in everything odd character, who can basically go through up to the hardest diff by himself. Oh, and I gave up on single player and did a network character to do this, oh boy does he rock.


Oh and you really need to add some mods in for the archery skill. There is one that increases arrow speed or damage as you get more dex.


I also used a couple of mods to add more exp, by adding more fake players. This gives more xp, but it also adds more life to the monsters, so it's not really cheating.


Eg.... +1 player = *2 xp + *2 monster life

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You might be able to find, "NOX." It is a very D&D'ish game not unlike Diablo. It will likely be in the bargain bin section, or you will have to find it online. Hmmm. In fact, I might have to throw that on my computer now just for a change of pace from the first-person shooter games I usually play.

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I'll put in a good word for Planescape: Torment, a game I've never played.  I'm not a particular fan of computer game, but this one hooked my wife.  Judging by her reaction, it's the best CRPG ever, with realistic characters and a romantic-tragic story that will break your heart.  It occasionally surfaces in the bargain bins.


What you get will depend upon your playing style.  You get a different game if you're a mere hack 'n' slasher, but if you throw lots of points into your personality and play heroically, the ending is quite moving--just my opinion.  It begs for the sequel that will never be written.


Neverwinter Nights failed to hold my interest for long, but my wife says that some fan-created modules are far better than the game in the box.  Look for fan modules by Adam Miller, who my wife says "gets it."  His Dreamcatcher and Shadowlords series are the ones that so impressed her.


That the module we're goin through now the Shadowlords one, I like it, I'm a mage & we have 2 half orcs in the group & a cleric & so so thief, but so far so good. I just need to get some higher spells & I'll be able to really dish out the damage.


it doesn't replace person to person paper D&D but that really all I have right now + the voice communications makes is nice to, espically hearin friends you haven't heard from in awile. I just wish there was a more modern voice software that we could use or find, Roger Wilco seems archacic to me (ie old style walkie talkies vs today communications)


Randy M

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Heh.. chickens....


I just got NWN with expansion, waiting on hordes. I bascially haven't stopped playing it yet.


I know have a rather godlike monk.


Lvl 9 Monk (Lvl 2 Shadowdancer)


so 3 attacks per turn

+ circle kick

+ flurry

+ great cleave


and a robe that permanently hastens him


so he's getting about 5 attacks for every one attack aimed at him..... he rocks!.....


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i liked Arcanum..it's like diablo..but in a 18th centruy type fantasy setting with elves and orcs and all that. You choose to go down a magicky path or a technology path..very cool game. Only porblem is the graphics are for crap..but if you don't really care that much it's a good time. Xplosive has repackaged it as a bidget title..so it shouldn't be too hard to find a copy of for cheap.


Only other game I can suggest that no one else has would be Revenant..Diablo style as well but you play best with a Gamepad! how bout that! cuz..there are combos and stuff....yah

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I just quit Ultima Online ... again ... for the last time.

EA raised the monthly fee and I'd rather use my money to buy more minis.

I've reloaded NWN and am playing the 1st game solo and Shadows of Unrentide

with a couple of my gaming crew.

They won't let me DM cause I'm the only one in group that paints the monsters. ::(:

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Errex -- I've heard good things about Gothic II -- nearly bought it today. Have you played? Did you like it? What didn't you like about it? Worth $39 American?



Well, Whiz, I'm pretty much in the same spot you are. I have seen it in stores, had almost bought it twice (it is also $39 USD here, at the going exchange rate), and, according to PC Gamer (as far as I'm concerned, it is The Bible of Gaming), it is an awesome game.


I will get it once I get my Tax return (and providing KOTOR doesn't get released here by then), but in the meantime, I am stocked up on FPS's to last me for a while.

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I just got NWN with expansion, waiting on hordes.

Do yourself a favor, run, don't walk and get HotU. The best game of the 3. One of the best story lines I've run into for a comp game, and much better design than SoU. And I got new toolset goodies! ::D:

It hasn't come out here yet... :( I don't think.... I saw a review in the paper last weekend. I want it so I can make Drizzt, I'm sure he's a ranger/weapon master (prestigue)

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