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Harwood Cultists

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Production Update


Hello!  Just a quick update regarding production.  My caster is working on casts of the three axe cultists and Mr. Karswell.  He should be done that in a few weeks.  I have ordered the prints of the three remaining 3D cultists, and should be with me in a month and a half or so.


Please fill out your survey if you haven't done so yet, and thank you to those who have!

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Here's the update -


Update #15 

Feb 26 2016


3D Prints Arrive at the Caster


Phew!  I always find it stressful when I mail off the original sculpts to the caster.  Thankfully they arrived safely and he's made a master mould for them.

I've given him the number of castings needed for each and he'll make up the production mould and spin up some miniatures!

Is everyone ready for a lockdown?  Please contact me if you need more time.  I'll lockdown on Feb 29th.

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Circles and Casting Update


Hello backers!  I just wanted to give you an update of where things are at.  I have placed an order for the ritual circles from Underground Lasers and there will be a two week turnaround with that, plus the time to ship them to me.  The casting is almost done for the miniatures, I know the caster was busy with providing miniatures for all vendors going to the UK conventions that are happening now.  So those shouldn't be too much longer.


So if all goes well we should have things wrapped up in a month and a half to two months (fingers crossed)!  :-)

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