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Harwood Cultists


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I was wondering if that was the case, actually.

Did you get colored plastic?

I got the clear plastic, but I had the option for other colors. Really, I'm going to try to use them as "Stamps," so I can re-use over and over for different projects. 

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I was about to post some news, and realized the thread was accidentally locked. Looking back it totally makes sense, because people are talking about receiving their pledges... except, not everyone got theirs (me included) because of an error by the caster which happened after all this.

Thanks to some Mod-Magic the thread is now re-opened.


So to recap....


June 16:https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/191582083/harwood-hobbies-presents-28mm-cultist-miniatures/posts/1603833

I have confirmation that the re-print of the missing 3D Cultist has been delivered to the caster.  He's going to try and squeeze him in a mould that has a little bit of extra space.  It won't be my mould, but I want to make sure you get your minis as soon as possible!

I also have a ritual circle tip from one of the backers, Kenny.  He didn't remove the protective paper off his ritual circle, but spray painted over it and then removed it when dry.  Have a look for yourself - brilliant!  :-)



skip ahead 6 weeks...and:

I got a PM today that there was a package waiting at Harwood HQ  that MAY be the last castings. If so there may be a new update soon.


 I ordered all the new stuff, so that was why I'm still waiting. Anybody else not get their stuff yet?

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A new update. #23 today:https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/191582083/harwood-hobbies-presents-28mm-cultist-miniatures/posts/1644649

I just had word from the caster that he has mailed out the castings of the last remaining 3D cultist on Friday!  Hopefully I receive them before I head out of town for work again.  The end is near!  Thank you everyone for your patience



Not quite the news I hoped for, but the end is in sight. Maybe late August/ early September at the latest?

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Update #24 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/191582083/harwood-hobbies-presents-28mm-cultist-miniatures/posts/1646870?ref=dash


Huzzah!  The final casting of the 3D cultist arrived today!  I'll start packing and will have all of them out by mid next week.





I suppose the next couple of weeks would be a good time for anyone other than me to speak up that they're still waiting for their shipment, otherwise it'll probably get closed down again when I post that I got mine.

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Update #25 - Everything is shipped!


Hello everyone!  All of the pledges have been shipped!

Thank you again for your support and patience with this Kickstarter, I really appreciate your support.

I will have another Kickstarter up and running soon, bringing back into production some of the ex-Tengu miniatures I purchased from Iain Colwell a while back.  Stay tuned!  :-)

     Wally Harwood


It should take roughly til mid-month at the earliest to get to me, and then if nobody else speaks up this thread will be closed as fulfilled.

I'll have to wait and see on the next KS, because I don't have any need for Eastern minis, but I did like those teasers from the end of this campaign.

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