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About this project

Today we want to bring you the first models from the New World Earth range: The Wasteland Abominations. We have already sculpted, printed, molded, and recast the Unstable Abomination. The quality of this model is incredible, it's packed with details that are sure to delight any collector.

27bfacd3e320f6e66e2bf3d41b59f674_originaWasteland Abominations

Caught in a nuclear and chemical fallout, the Wasteland Abominations not only survived, but thrived. These once-human creatures have become twisted monsters, and seek revenge upon the inhabitants of Mega Structure for abandoning them to a fate far worse than death. Go to war controlling the brute strength, and mutated minds of the wastelands.

The Wasteland Abominations are chaotic in nature. These twisted mutants are the resemblance of the once human, deformities existing as a result of existing in the radiated wastelands of America.




Suffering from the instability of mutation the Unstable Abomination is an engine of destruction on the battlefield. Towering over his enemies, the Abominations can reach the height of twelve feet, and have weighed in at over fourteen hundred pounds. To encounter this beast in combat is pure terror, and the thought of killing him is simply insanity. Since every Abomination suffers from instability, there’s no telling when a mutant might grow unstable, muscles tearing and growing, doubling instantly. Bones snap, twist, mend, and regrow within seconds as the creature is reborn. The mind of the creature is destroyed by the transmutation of its body, and all intelligence flees the beast that now ravages the battlefield.

475ec3664793dcd7dfd8bbe5342973ef_originaUnpainted vs. Painted Model

cd704ef8eb4da77b4eb93b3c7804ff83_originaThe Unstable Abomination next to a Games Workshop Space Marine



Born a bastard, the Brain was a weak, dying infant, discarded by his mother. Adopted and raised by the Banshee, a wailing lunatic, the Brain developed an oversized cranium. Soon, he found that he had the mental ability to devastate others with a simple thought. His brain grew. He could control others with simpler minds on a whim. His cranium swelled. Causing lightning to arch and strike or fires to erupt with a mere desire was not beyond his grasp. His skull shattered, and his massive brain spilled forth.



2669e7d4ddd057f7250ff8870870f4f0_originaBrute 1

The backbone of the Wasteland army, the Brutes are larger deformed warriors sometimes brandishing small hand weapons like rusty pistols, chains, or pipes. The Brute stands several feet taller than an average human, and possess incredible strength and durability.

468eb57059e685d6dc409925b4b8ee07_originaBrute 2


This is the first army we are working towards getting completely fleshed out for the upcoming game New World Earth. The game is a living card game combined with a table top miniature game. Models have unique skills and abilities, as well as the ability to cast rare action cards to help defeat their enemies. Getting this starter army produced is just the first step in getting the game completed.

All funds will go towards getting the army recast, and into your hands, as well as additional work done on the game. We plan to bring you along for the journey! Traverse the wastelands, and remember it’s against the law to feed the Abominations! Thanks for looking and please back us today!


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Depends. If this is TrollCast, the math presumably works out, considering Impact! had those fantasy football ogre teams at 30-something bucks for 6 figs. If it is high quality hand-cast resin, not so much.


Not enough actual information on that campaign from where I stand.

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