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Captain America: Civil War trailer released


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The new trailer for Captain America: Civil War was just released.


Picks up at the 2nd post credit scene from Ant Man.


Black Panther sighting!

Looks like Tony gets his butt handed to him.


So far, not seeing the superhero registration part of Civil War.  Although there is mention of the Sokovia Accords: Framework for the Registration and Deployment of Enhanced Individuals.  So it's not the unmasking bit.


Seems more like it's everyone trying to hunt down Bucky and Cap being the guy he is standing by his best friend and refusing to back down.



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Looks pretty cool so far. I'm cautiously optimistic. But Avengers 2 had really exciting trailers and then turned out to be a mediocre movie (at least in my mind - just felt too much like they were following a formula) so I'm not going to get my hopes up too high for this one.

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I'm hoping the spider-man cameo will be more than a post credits sequence.. still, the writing on Captain America: WS was much better than Ultron so I have a lot of hope that CW will pick up where it left off..

I've heard rumors of the Iron Spider making an appearance, and he had a decent part in the actual Civil War storyline, so yeah, probably a post-credits scene at best. I've pretty much given up on Marvel movies ACTUALLY following the comic books.
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No, the Sokovia Accords came as a result of what happened in Avengers 2.  With all the continued collateral damage, etc.  World governments came up with the Sokovia Accords, where enhanced individuals now are supposed to have rules of engagement, deployment, etc.


Bucky is probably on the Most Wanted list for his work as the Winter Soldier, and is wanted dead or alive, preferably dead.  Cap, knowing that Bucky has finally broken free of his brainwashing at the hands of Hydra and the Russians, is of course, going to try to bring him in and save him.  And that's where the "Civil War" starts.


Cap standing up for his friend, doing the right thing.  Not necessarily the legal, gov't sanctioned thing.  


I can totally see him making a speech along the lines of "Back in my day, there was a gov't that told certain people they had to register and mark themselves, told them where they could live, what they could do, controlled their very lives.  I fought against that government with every breath.  Just because today, it happens to be my government, doesn't mean I am willing to stop that fight."

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