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So I have just woken up from what I would call more like a 4ish hour nap rather than sleeping (I don't recommend drinking Mountain Dew while baking until 3am; seriously, don't do it, it's a terrible idea) and it has left me feeling awfully sentimental.


When I discovered that miniatures were a thing and then immediately afterwards that the Reaper forum existed, I thought that I was just finding a new hobby to spend a little bit of time on occasionally. I thought I would just paint things from time to time and post them up to get feedback to help me improve. I had no idea that this place would become so elfing important to me, but it has.


I found not just a place to share a mutual hobby, but an internet home where I feel comfortable being my weird self and sharing my insecurities and my daily nonsense. A place where I enjoy hearing about all of your days and your successes and commiserating over your hard times. 


This is truly the most welcoming and accepting forum that I've ever had the privilege of being a part of. Even on my worst of days, even when I've gotten my feathers ruffled or been in a rotten mood or when I had to sit out for a few months due to personal issues, you guys have always been here and always welcomed me back.


I'm so grateful for all of you, all of the old faces, all of the new ones, all of the ones that keep changing their avatars so that I then have to get used to a new face on an old name.  ::P:  And I am so grateful to Reaper for contributing so much to this hobby and for giving us this place and for keeping it in order so that it is a safe environment for all of us to share our lives with each other.


I wish you all the best day possible, whether you're sharing it with your families, going it alone, or working or doing whatever; whether it's Thanksgiving Day in your country or not.


You're an exceptional group of people. Thank you.

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Top Posters In This Topic

In the Netherlands we don't celebrate Thanksgiving.


But I wish all of you who do a happy holiday.


And I second all that Guindy said.


I don't do Evilbook or Twotter or Instantgramm, but I do visit this forum frequently ( to put it mildly, I live here...)


Besides leveling up as a painter due to all your tips and encouragements, it has indeed become a great friendly place to share our joys and pains.


*** Since I can't do this to all of Reaper: Holding Mistletoe over Sophies head***

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends (who seem to be very confused about when Thanksgiving is actually supposed to be ::P: )!


Also: What Guindy and others have said. ::): I've never felt so immediately welcomed as I was when I joined here. You're all delightful people and it's a genuine pleasure to log on here and be silly at you all every day. ::): Heck, I'd been on here for less than a month before I was making plans to spend my 40th birthday hanging out with you all at next year's Reapercon. :lol: 

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