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Here we are in 2015, the 40th Anniversary of Chaosium as a game company. In a few months Glorantha, Greg Stafford's fantasy game world, celebrates its Golden 50th anniversary. We feel the time is right to bring the celebrated classic second edition of RuneQuest back into print. Gaming is going through a bit of an Old School renaissance as of late, and we want RuneQuest to be a part of it. We hope you’ll join in on the fun!



The RuneQuest Hardcover Book - is 144 pages. It will have sewn binding. It contains all the 2nd edition text, but with all the errata incorporated where it belongs. Additional material has been added to the appendices at the end. If you want more than one copy of the book, add another $30 for each additional book to the level you are backing.


The RuneQuest Leatherette Hardcover Book - is 144 pages. It is in red leatherette with gold foil stamps on the front and spine. It has a color dust jacket. If you want more than one copy of the book, add another $50 for each additional book to the level you are backing.


The Player Handouts - are 20 pages of reference material for the players to use during character creation and ongoing play.


The GM Screen - is two 11 inch x 17 inch (very close to A3 paper size) color cardstock panels with handy charts and tables from the Rulebook on the GM side, and classic Luise Perrene art on the Player Side.


The Old School RQ Source Pack - consists of four of the earliest RQ1/RQ2 supplements published: Militia & Mercenaries, Scorpionmen & Broos, Trolls & Trollkin and the Balastor's Barracks scenario. Each is about 16 pages in length with a color cardstock cover. If you want more than one copy of this Source Pack, add another $50 for each additional Source Pack to the level you are backing.




The Runequest Playtest Manuscript book - is a 250+ page hardcover book created from high resolution scans of the original playtest manuscript. This manuscript is the only known set of playtest notes in existence which were lovingly kept in a binder for the last 40 years. This playtest material was used to create the first edition of RuneQuest. It includes newly written introductory essays by Steve Perrin and Greg Stafford. Here's a few pictures of the original:




The 2 volume "Unpublished Scenarios and Source Material" set - is two hardcover books with hundreds of pages of unpublished RuneQuest material by Greg Stafford and other early authors. It includes a fair bit of Sorcery rules for the West, the Howling Tower scenario set in the Upland Marsh, as well as a wide range of other material, esoteric and otherwise. We will describe it in more detail in the comments section and the FAQ. This reward is only available as part of this Kickstarter.







Into old school RPGs, love Glorantha/Runequest ?


then this one is a great choice


they seem to have fulfilled their last KS OK with minor hiccups

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I'm sorry... I know it's a good practice to mention each company's previous fulfillment when it comes to Kickstarter projects. But the notion of having to mention same for Chaosium, the creators of Call of Cthulhu, one of the original RPG companies and - I believe - the second longest running RPG company in the world - and a company seminal to the development of the games we play, now celebrating their 40th year, did give me a chuckle.

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Are you talking about "old" Chaosium's problems with fulfilling their KS? Yes, I think it's important to know the "new" Chaosium will be fulfilling it (I don't remember reading where they'll get the money other than their clearance sale awhile back and closing the offices and laying off staff), and the background of the "new" Chaosium president (who's the creator of this RQ project) as well as his fulfillment of previous projects: http://www.chaosium.com/rick-meints/


While he certainly has experience in running a KS and a company or two, he's certainly part of Chaosium and no doubt working on its KS projects.

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I'm excited this is happening.  I only have third edition stuff and have always wanted second edition stuff but never wanted to pay the ridiculous ebay prices.  We still play RuneQuest.  I just ran a fun adventure in New Pavis.


And very good news from the latest update:

Now that we are getting into Potential PDF Purchase territory, I wanted to make sure you understand how these stretch goal were set up and what we are trying to do. We have three main goals:

  • You get awesome stuff you love - great content produced professionally
  • Timely Delivery - we don't want to erase your enthusiasm with delays
  • Shipping at a reasonable price - ship more locally, at least regionally

The Stretch Goals contain products that still need to be created. Many of them are well underway, but they are not ready to print until some time in 2016. We don't want the forthcoming production and shipping of the stretch goal books to slow down the shipping of the core rewards, which are ready to print. Thus, we decided to let you purchase PDFs at a reasonable price now, but not purchase printed books now. 

The one thing I should have clarified from the start was that when you buy the PDF of any stretch goal book you will get that amount credited towards the purchase of the printed book. For example, we just unlocked the Plunder book. The PDF is $5. If you purchase the PDF you will get a $5 credit you can use towards the purchase of the printed Plunder book from us. Thus, if it ends up having a retail price of $15, you'll be able to purchase the printed book from us for $10. I hope that makes sense.

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The last of the PDF add-ons has finally been delivered, and the latest update states that this unbelievably attenuated and overdue project has, finally, tediously, been completed.  If ever a rump roast has been overcooked, it is this one.


And yes I believe I shall send some foolhardy characters into the Big Rubble later this summer. 

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9 hours ago, Carnacki the Ghost Finder said:

The last of the PDF add-ons has finally been delivered, and the latest update states that this unbelievably attenuated and overdue project has, finally, tediously, been completed.  If ever a rump roast has been overcooked, it is this one.


And yes I believe I shall send some foolhardy characters into the Big Rubble later this summer. 

Make sure you look at the new RQ version.  But I’d call it done as well.  Great to get the classics again that take little change to make them useable in the new RQ.

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      This fellow has been lurking at the bottom of a drawer or box for over 30 years.... I finally painted him up. It was actually a bit irritating somehow... I guess that's why he sat in nothing more than a coat of primer and a red shield for so long! Not sure the maker, maybe citadel? He is on a metal part for the slot base that helpfully says 'orc'. All this time later, I love him just for nostalgia and remembering my dad painting up all those orcs... and we never used the minis in play!

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      I know there are a few folks that do Bolt Action and similar 28mm wargaming (@buglips), so I thought I'd bounce this out there.
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      And good evening to all of you of the Reaper persuasion,
      So just finished photographing this guy this afternoon.  This is an Earth Elemental, originally from a blister pack of three minis, this guy, the Earth Elementals Lord I painted a few days back and an interesting looking iguana-like Earth Familiar, which is on my docket next.  This was sculpted by Jim Johnson and released somewhere in the nineties.  Fun figure to paint, not a drop of metal, but all sorts of different earth tones.  The only un-earthy tones are the crystals in his spine, which I painted blue.  I wanted to originally paint them green to match the crystal in the Shaman's staff, but I didn't think there would be enough contrast between the grass/moss around the stones.

      The little iguana familiar will be next!
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      Tere Reaperlased! 
      So here's another miniature from the days gone by, a Julie Guthrie Female Giant, originally in her All Things Dark and Dangerous line.  This is apparently version two of the miniature.  The first one I painted maybe a year or so ago, a more primitive looking hill giant lady, who has always been one of my favorite figures Julie has sculpted along with her female centaur
      Julie Guthrie Hill Giant
      Julie Guthrie Centaurs
      Anyhoos, here she is:

      and then afterwards a comparison photo so you can see her against one of her contemporaries, a female mage:

      once again, color choice was so hard and I have no idea where the inspiration for purple hair came from. I think it was due to the fact that she wasn't a earth-tone hill giant, but a little more civilized. And we all know most civilized women have purple hair. 
      Anyhows, hope you enjoy!
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      A Viking Girl sculpted by Bobby Jackson. She was a lot of fun to paint since she had a lot of canvas for freehand work. She is also my first serious effort at NMM, so that's a well I plan to return to.
      I came to paint her when I asked my friends which model needed to get some love next. I presented a wizard, a ranger, and an armored lady fighter. One chimes in that she'd like to see the fighter (she being a practitioner of HEMA). Her boyfriend mentions something about boob armor. I said, no, she's got pretty normal armor. You want to see something egregious? THIS is egregious. My HEMA friend immediately says, "I'd like to change my vote." So here we are.
      Here's the WIP thread for her. Here's my next piece.

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