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3e/Pathfinder Kobolds?

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When Bones 3 arrives, I'm thinking of assembling an army for Ma'aldrakar. Now, given that Ma'aldrakar represents Tiamat, the logical foot soldiers would be kobolds. Here's the problem - Reaper (and all other manufacturers I can find) only supply the Psuedo-doglike kobolds of 2e and before. I am much more a fan of 3e/Pathfinder's pygmy dragonborn/lizardmen. So, Reaper forumers, my question to you is this - do you know of anyone who makes 3e/Pathfinder style Kobolds?

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The D&D Miniatures game from 200X on sold prepainted plastic reptilian kobolds. There are supposed to be some kobolds in their new stuff with Wizkids, which I assume are the reptilian type (haven't seen them). I remember Magnificent Egos had two or three individual kobold character types of this sort, but no armies.


I know some guys have used GW's Skinks for kobolds, as they are smaller than the other Warhammer Lizardman warriors. And they do indeed look smaller on their bases in the pictures I've seen than the other lizardmen look (though I've never personally assembled any). They're bigger than the WotC models, though.


To be fair to Reaper, though the faces of their kobolds are a bit dog-like, they still are not too drastically different from the prepainteds Wizards was cranking out a few years ago.

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The Reaper Bones kobolds that I've been painting always seem to fit my mind of how a kobold should look like, though I do like the more reptilian features that they've been giving them. Pathfinder seems to hav a lot of hate for kobolds though, because they tanked their PC stats like nobody's business.

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Pathfinder Battles & all of the WOTC & WIzkids prepaint kobolds are lizard-like.


Just do a search on ebay for Pathfinder kobold or just kobold & they'll come up.


variety to choose from.

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Just a point about D&D style kobolds, they have always been reptilian, albeit with dog-like faces. If you look at the army lists for Swords and Spells (OD&D supplement), or Battlesystems (both 1E ad 2E), they are always listed in reptilian armies alongside lizardmen.

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Frankly, I like the Reaper ones the best because they fit reptilian looks as well as mix the best of the original design plus the newer, more lizard-like designs.


I should also note that I have mixed parties of both kinds of kobolds on my table at various times (prepainted and Reaper), and no one seems to notice or care that they are different.

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Alright. Thanks guys, I'll look into the prepaints. Reaper's kobolds are pretty cool, just not quite lizardy enough for my tastes - it's their faces, mostly. They might look more reptilian painted green or blue, so that's something to consider. Skinks are also an interesting option, not sure how I feel about the head frill, though.

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      And I want to finish all of this in about a month (unlikely)!
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