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Some more mini's from George's archive....

Painted in the college years, 1988-1992...


Some 3 Stage minis, only one of which I have all 3...


Female Magic User (01-337)

post-14271-0-25738900-1448702825_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-38371100-1448702828_thumb.jpg

The middle one looks like she has a Christmas ornament on her forehead!


Elf Thief (01-319)

post-14271-0-16654800-1448702843_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-31797600-1448702844_thumb.jpg


Magic User (01-317)

post-14271-0-16778900-1448702845_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-00946300-1448702846_thumb.jpg

This guy was painted by a friend in Germany in 85 0r 86 when I was in the Army...

Kurt you out there!? (Gern you out there? I know your real name!)


Thank the Dark Lords of Lead for the old Catalogs to find all the numbers in!


Thanks for looking!



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Beautiful job on some old lead! These are some of the figures I wish Partha would bring back. They still sell some of these 3-stage adventurers, but they don't have any of their elves or any of the chicks. There was a groovy little set of gnome illusionists too in an age when there wasn't an abundance of gnome figures out there.

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They do pop up on eBay pretty regularly. A lot just arrived at my house this week with two of the three stages of the elf thief, who looks like a fun figure to paint. My elves from the RP Kickstarter are going to have plenty of unique individuals to complement them...

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