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Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale: Pathfinder Module Gathering

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anyone want to play

Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale

B: Jason Bulmahn

Nestled between lofty peaks of the Mindspin Mountains, the Bloodsworn Vale has been

forgotten by civilization for decades. Once a well-worn path connecting the heartland of

the empire with its more remote colonies, it now exists as an unclaimed and unspoiled

woodland. The years have erased the road and various monsters, once held in check

by the Empire’s soldiers, have all but over- run the valley. Today, the vale is a dangerous

place, thick with tenacious plants, cruel monsters, and hungry predators.

Four months ago, King Arabasti, the aging lord of Korvosa, decided to reclaim

the vale for his crown, planning to tame it and reopen the important trade route

with the south. He charged Sir Tolgrith, one of his more trusted vassals, with this

task. Soon aft erward, the loyal knight and his band of hearty soldiers set off into the

vale, reopening the northern mountain pass and establishing Fort Thorn in the

heart of the valley. Over the past three months, Sir Tolgrith

and his men have worked hard to reopen the old trade route. While they met with

some success, the magnitude of the challenges that lie in their path have put them

behind schedule. Monsters constantly attack workers and caravans bound for the

fort, the water supply fouls once per month, and the ever-present rose bushes make sur-

veying and exploring the region painfully slow. In hopes of putting progress back on

track, Sir Tolgrith sent out a call for adventurers, promising gold, land, and titles to

those willing to help solve his problems.

We will use:

Core Rulebook

Advanced Players Guide

Ultimate Magic




no evil




Standard races

uncommon races

please post characters here to play

positions filled 5/5 slots closed

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hmm, snow white with whips and chains.....I think there is a Ramstein music video about that....

Lavanlilril is all like, "Guys, wrong thread." 

I have to admit, an Animal Speaker Bard sounds kind of intriguing. Reminds me of the AD&D 2nd edition Meistersinger bard I always rather liked. Except of course the Meistersinger was clearly usefu

I'm in! I'm only playing in two PbP games (RotRL, Iron Gods) here and they're pretty quiet, so I have plenty of time for a one shot adventure.


The only thing I know about this module is that it's classified as a wilderness adventure with nasty fey.



For dice roll
5d6 drop lowest two

Haven't rolled yet, but I recall that this can give some unusually powerful characters. (Not that there's anything wrong with that :devil: ).


EDIT: Quick link to my character sheet on page 10.

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Hmm, I'm interested. Rather Pathfinder clueless though. There is an online SRD, I believe? So I could make a character I'm sure. Viable may be a different matter though...

There is!




The choices can feel a bit overwhelming if you use *all* of available resources.


I everyone agrees, I can run a character's numbers through my copy of Hero Lab for an audit. People have a tendency to underestimate their CMB/CMD bonuses.

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Oh, and I should warn you I'm jinxed. Forum RPs I touch have a habit of falling by the wayside due to inactivity. And normally, I don't even play a mad gnomish bard that might be to blame for driving people nuts...

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Oh, and I should warn you I'm jinxed. Forum RPs I touch have a habit of falling by the wayside due to inactivity. And normally, I don't even play a mad gnomish bard that might be to blame for driving people nuts...

So are you saying the position of mad gnomish bard is open?



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I do not play mad gnomish bards unless the "Gnomish Space Marines" anthem seems applicable, or at least somehow shoehorn-in-able. (And yes, it's official, Dragon magazine #192 and all. April fools official, but official!)


Hmm, I was about to say I like the look of Magus, but I guess it's really just another strength-based spellcaster-fighter class. More pondering.

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