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WIP: Blightfang : peacock

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So I started Blightfang Last Saturday (11-22) 

First I did some test color patterns. 




Then I went to paint day CMPA and did the tail 





another day to finish it, adding some red shadow paint for shadows, and glazing with it on the underside.

unfortunately I had the angle wrong and will have to redo this tail. 




again trying different patterns: 




So I liked the eyes best, but figured that the eyespots on the wings would be more useful as a distraction if they didn't pinpoint the dragons actual location .  Started moving forward with a pair of eyes on each wing flap. 

But I am not thrilled with results, and may go back to an earlier pattern. 


The body is currently painted up to a mid-tone, with scattered highlights, wings are still rough. 


More Later - pictures still on camera. 

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Ugh this is so awesome!!!!! I need to paint mine, you have an awesome color palette set thingy already!!! It's so organized, it's going to look awesome!! 

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Okay here are the rest of the current dragon pictures 

I really like the blue on the crest.  I am using the crest (and a paper towel) to maneuver the dragon, so I can paint his belly and sides easily.  The leg is also missing because of how much it blocks.   The three legs I painted with brown stripes, to help conceal the dragons extremities on the forest floor,   A theory I kind of abandoned when I started painting eye spots....





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Oooh, the blue really sets the whole thing off. I wonder if taking that a step further at the extremities to purplish-magenta would add some (more) visual interest--even if it may negate some of its camouflage.  And the eyes really do draw the....eyes.  An effective deterrent to body attacks, or a distraction for the dragon's prey...

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I love the concept and all the sketch preparations you're making for this one.


My only thoughts would be to mix in some metallic paint/medium to the wing colors to give the shimmering effect you get with peacock feathers.

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Lots of gift minis got in the way, but since I am home for X-mas, I have hopes of finishing it this year. 

I had thoughts of changing the pattern to something more conservative, but then I started dropping hints about eyes in a forest, 

and the PCs are heading into a dream forest, I think the dragon will be asleep, a challenge to sneak past. 


more wing: 



the eyes are not exactly even... 



okay realigned them.  I will add more pictures after paint day tomorrow. 




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moving ahead to the basing. 

After a good Paint Day with Colorado painters. 


and a view of the top side of the wings 



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A most excellent idea and execution. I think dragons could surely use markings and such to communicate and impress the male or female. Depends what intelligence they have in your setting. Anyhow, I could even see Zebra dragons or a dragon that has leopard or tiger markings.

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