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Plague fields , best Plague Fantasy Bowl team - IGG

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hen we had finished the ogres design progress, I spoke to the scultpor Sergi Torras and we both wanted to make the same team! A Plague team. This is the start of this team. You will notice the love he has put on every miniature.

About us:

Hungry Troll is a small company producing terrain, resin bases, customized trophies & markers, and of course

high quality miniatures.



All warriors comes with two head options




Warriors and Putrid beasts have 4 alternative mutations:

Warriors: Tentacles, crab claw, big hand and tail




Putrid Beasts: Tentacle, Crab Claw, Big Hand and 2 heads




Only casted in resin.

2 Head options

2 Left arm options


I will include a smaller size miniature to Prone/stunned on the field








Mother Plague will be casted only in resin.

Casted in metal it would weigh too much. You´ll agree when you start playing with her ;)


Only 30 basic teams will be casted in resin. 1 Mother Plague, 4 Putrid Beasts, 4 Warriors and 5 rotters. The unlocked stretched goals will be in Metal.


Why a limited number of resin teams?

This limited number of 30 resin basic teams doesn´t mean that it is a limited edition, later they will be available for purchase on the shop. I decidied to limit the number for timing reasons, because the Ogres Campaign, casted

in resin, was delayed, and I don't want this happening again.


PERKS - What you get?

More perks will be open with the new unlocked stretch goals.

Every team, level 7 to level 10 , will get:

(All different)


1 Mother Plague (RESIN)

-2 Head options

-2 Left arm options

-1 small scale miniature to Prone/Stunned on the field


4 Warrior

-2 head options every warrior

-1 Mutation sprue W


4 Putrid beasts

-1 Mutation sprue P


5 Rotters


1 turn Marker

1 RR Marker


FREE STRETCH GOALS (the ones that are free, if you want the Addom ones you will have to take their corresponding Perk)









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Not a team I'm interested in playing, but hot damn these look awesome for what they are!

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