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December 2015 Goals

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After behaving myself for most of the latter half of the year I spent quite a bit (for me at least) on minis last month, so goal #1 is

  • Ignore shiny new minis and finish off some old ones.
  • Finish the green dragon hatchling.
  • Finish the mini I am currently painting.
  • Work on finishing a 54mm figure.
  • Finish KD:M White Lion.
  • Remove items from the Shelf of Shame to the done pile (previous two goals count towards this).
  • I suppose I should clean the paint area at some point while I'm at it.
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Top Posters In This Topic

On my December list:


- Convert two cheap green-army-men tanks to 28mm Sci-Fi tanks

- Paint the Bones 1 IMEF Marines set

- Paint 4 Empire GW Empire Militia for Frostgrave use.

- Paint 5 of the Bones 2 Skeletons

- Start work on Frostgrave waterfront terrain.


Well, the New year has come and gone, so it's time to look at my success with my goals.


1) Complete







2)  Complete







3)  3 out of 4 complete






4) Only 2 out of 5








5) Not even started. :(

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