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Flame reference

Cranky Dog

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Recently caught this on TV, the Slow Mo Guys filmed a home made fire tornado in 4K. It's quite hypnotic.

Seeing a few of the screen captures going around, in my mind it became *the* flame reference for so many subjects.



It also made me realize something that's been bugging me about the clear plastic fire elementals. They should be a far lighter orange, near yellow even instead of that dark reddish orange.

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Good example of why I dislike the idea that flames should always be painted yellow to red (or even to black), it over-simplifies an exceedingly complex and highly subjective subject. I spend a lot of time watching the flames in my woodstove :) My efreet didn't turn out very good, but it was based on lots of observation and study of the subject.


And for the love of Pete, don't paint them French's yellow mustard to ketchup. Saffron Sunset is almost your highlight, a reddish yellow. Stick to yellowish reds ("oranges") and then straight into reddish browns.

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