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DSM7442 Wood elf goddess


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They are leaves now damnit! - Once the sculptor lets go and the painter gets ahold of the mini, they get to define it.  Lots of times looking up close at a mini i find myslef making relatively arbitrary decisions about things like where armor ends and fabric begins, what is leather and what is metal, etc.  Heck the old LTP 1 had you painting the tops of the boots as pants!


The leaves are masterfully shaded and help connect her to the base in a way that the feathers would not - I applaud this as an excellent artistic decision!


skinshading is fantastic, i especially like her backside.... ok, you can all stop giggling now ;)


PS i dated a woman with hair like that in the eighties...

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The funny part is that those 'leaves' were not painted green at first (as I did at first think they may be feathers). I just wet blended marine teal and lemon yellow.  The in between colors turned out to be  a rich green. I went,"hey! They are leaves! thank goodness I did not paint them as feathers".   It was when all the painting was done and I went and check the official art on the DS website by Jen Haley did I go "woops".

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