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Very cool, the colors on him work really well.  He could double for a gargoyle too.

At one point he was looking like a lizard man too. I actually started out copying a darker brown/grey paint job I liked (which looked even more gargoyle ish), but some how ended up with these colors. If I can translate this scheme to the big Gauth dragon, that would be cool.

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Thanks for the kind words everyone. This is such an encouraging online community and the comments will keep me painting my KS minis, even with my love/hate relationship with the Bones material.


This is the best color scheme I've ever seen on this guy. Nice!

Now I am just blushing. Thanks.


Smooth work.  Blue flame has a certain unnaturality to it for sure.  Like your base too.



Thanks. I really like it irl, but as has been suggested by others, a contrasting color would look better in photos (like green or red). I had a lot more white in it originally, but that would have called for some heavy OSL on the demon that I wasn't ready to implement, so I darkened it with Tamiya Clear smoke which I think made it look much better.



What an endearing smile! The Big Blue Guy looks TERRIFIC. Your brushwork & basing are OUTSTANDING. Your color choices make the mini for moi; the departure from the usual red is an inspired idea. VERY WELL DONE!

Your words always inspire. Thanks for the feed back.

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