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As I said, its addicting.

Just added some base color...(my favorite activity)....

I get to play and see if I like something.  If I do.. GO FOR IT !

So, the RED is approved.  Like the emphasis of that, and the green is working magic

in the shadows.



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So.... are you done yet?  :huh:


I have cloak, pants, and sleeve base painted !  (I like that red).

I'm still trying to figure out the throne.. I want that engraving to pop, and I want those dragon heads to really stand out.

They need some thought.


He's not going to be blond, thats for sure.. maybe a red head, stache and beard. 

Want deep/dark shadows.  Armor has me going towards antique bronze's.

Light/dark/warm/cold... owww my widdle head !


When they come this good, you put in the effort !

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The back of the throne looks like it could have a leather backing (kinda how you have it now) and gold inlay on leather was quite common so you could do the ruins as an inlay of goldleaf.  Then you could embelish the dragon heads as appropriate for an ornate throne.  For them I would look at historical records for longship figure heads and the colors used maybe.

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Been working on the Norse Lord today.

Loving everything about this one.

For RobinH, He's a Red Head !  I dislike Nordic blond anything.

I can play with this color.

I've been to the Vikingmuseet in Oslo, so I have seen the things that this figure is based on.

The heads on the throne are from a sledge that was dug up with the Oseberg ship near Holmestrand, near Tonsberg, NO.




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It made me think of a Draugr from Skyrim before you put the head on.

What you have done looks great so far.

Thanks Arclance.

I'm having a blast with this miniature.

I usually do 25mm, so a 54 mm BLOWS my mind, with possibilities !

Its NOT convincing me to switch over, but it sure is nice to have room to experiment with color, and balance.

This thing reeks of "OMG I can do this too" stuff.

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I really love this sculpt and the color choices so far.


The back of the throne looks like it could have a leather backing (kinda how you have it now) and gold inlay on leather was quite common so you could do the ruins as an inlay of goldleaf.

At this scale you could probably do real gold leaf and then paint it to get a more realistic "old gold leaf" look.

Not something I would do at 28mm though (except for maybe a shield emblem) since the details are so small at that scale.


I believe that silver inlay was also common on ornate leatherwork if that would be a more appropriate color choice for this piece than gold.

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Language lesson done early, ran around like a nut job, and finally

carved out some time for experimentation, and painting.  He's slowly coming

together in my mind.  Made a few decisions, and have a couple things I want to try out.

a visit to the online "vikings museum in Oslo webpage helped.


So here is the Norse Lord as he sits now..

Just dawned on me today how much DRY-BRUSHING I have to do..shudder !






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