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Snowman Slayer - Scibor Miniatures 28FM0055


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This resin beauty was on sale for only three bucks during CMON's BF sale. As I paint slowly (<1hr day) and Reaper's holiday minis didn't go on sale till the 7th, I figured this would be my Santa dwarf I paint up this year as the Reaper ones won't get here in time.


Day One... Partially assembled (axe head isn't glued on yet), and partially basecoated. Nothing fancy...





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Day 2... Worked on:


More basecoating (Boots/Sock/Fur/Snowman Remains)

Eyes (I hate eyes... hates them...)

Pass 1 (of many) Skin Shading



I forgot to put this in the original post, but I welcome all critiques and comments. Anything that could help me improve my painting. Especially with painting eyes with old tired hands... *sigh* Can I get a pair of 20 year old's hands without any shaking to isle three please? *sigh*


Color Documentation (as much for my own purpose as to share:


Eyes: Brown Liner, Splintered Bone, Saphire Blue + Vamperic Skin Highlight 1:1 (iris)

Cloak: Fresh Blood

Sock: Christmas Weath

Fur: Spintered Bone

Snowman: Pure White

Snowman Coal: Grey Liner

Snowman Nose: Pumpkin Orange + Yellow Sun 2:1

Skin Base: Fair Skin

Skin Shadow: Tanned Skin

Beard: Vamperic Skin (This isn't really the grey base I wanted, too purple...  Really wanted a grey/brown base, and have Ashen Brown coming in the mail...)


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Heh no robinh, I wish... Eyes took about 5 tries and they still aren't "good" but I decided to move on :)


Ashen Grey came in the mail, so replaced beard. Also worked on (off camera) leather strap on back, and axe head.


Got two more nights to finish this up to tabletop quality for Monday PFS game. *crossing fingers*





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Last WIP pictures... Had to rush to get him onto a base for PFS Monday Night. And of course when doing so I dropped him on the table and both the axe and snowman head/hand popped off. *sigh* Spend more time re-gluing instead of finishing. But oh well...



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