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This is a figure from Target games' Chronopia line; if I remember correctly, he's an axeman leader.

His chain mail coif covers his ears, and with all the spikes and that brutal looking axe, I figured he would make a worthy addition to my Warriors of Chaos horde.

Please let me know what you think.






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Thanks for the kind words.


If memory serves me right, which it occasionally does, the Chronopia Elves, & all the rest of their minis, were big strapping fellows. Your OH-SO-COOL Elf rather confirms that. He could pass for any Big Guy. The dark armor suits him. GREAT WORK!

Yes, they are some pretty chunky figures. I've got a few more in the lead and plastic mountain waiting for their turn.




And who said Elves can't fall for the lure of Chaos?


Praise Papa Nurgle!, Blood for the Blood God!, All is Change! One man's pleasure is another man's pain..!



Oh well... I've been reading too much Chaos Army books in my days.

Every once in a while I like to break out my Liber Chaotica for a little light reading.

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