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Psyro grinder!

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Best suited for 3-4 players, plus the GM.  The GM controls a force of Psyros, as found in the JoR. (I have 8 Drone A, 4 Aggressor A, 4 Aggressor B.)  The players each get a roster of 1500 points.



Place terrain as normal, preferably on a 6'x6' table or therabouts.  There must be a covered bunker in the middle of the field, and a network of roads will speed up the game considerably.  One section of Psyro drones are out around the bunker.


The following special rules apply:

1.  Have one section of Psyro models per player.  There should be about 2/3 as many aggressor A models as drones, and 2/3 as many Aggressor B models as A.


2.  The players deploy their sections as their cards are drawn.  The Psyros start with one card in the deck, and the first section (all drones) deploys from the bunker when it is drawn.


3.  When a Psyro model is killed, leave a marker on the field for what kind it was, and remove the model.  The killed model will return from the bunker the next time its section is activated.  On a D10 roll of 1-4, it comes out as the same type it was before, on a 5-10, it comes out as one type higher. (The progression is: Drone A, Aggressor A, Aggressor B).


4.  The first time the initiative deck is reshuffled, a new Psyro card is added.  On subsequent turns, roll a D10.  On a 6+, a new Psyro card is added to the deck.  The new section will be all drones, unless the GM has no more drone models, in which case he uses what models he has available.


5.  Psyro models will attack, in this order:  1. Models dragging Psyro wrecks, 2. Models that have fired upon Psyros already, 3. Models that pose the greatest tactical threat.  


6.  Victory points are scored as normal, and the players recieve full victory points again for Psyro models they drag off the board.  Models that drag Psyro wrecks off the board count as "surviving," not "retreated."


7.  To drag a wrecked model, bring a model into base contact with the wreck and declare that you're dragging it.  Dragged models provide 1 point of cover to the dragger, and block a hex face in case of close assault.  Movement while dragging is double the normal cost.  A model can drop the dragged model at any time.  A model may only drag one wreck at a time, and once it leaves the board with a wreck, it may not return.


The game lasts until all the players' models have either been killed or have left the board.

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Ok, here is what I was thinking for a campaign setting... and yes these are very rough ideas.


The first time that the player group encounters the Psyros, the Psyro force will be mostly composed of Drones.. makes sense folks... now after this, teh ammount of Agressor Type A and B will increase slowly.


For every two Drones killed, next game field an Agresssor Type A, for every two Type As killed you get one type B. Now as it progresses if the Psyros pulled early from any encounter, ie, you rolled a one on the retreat algorythm, the psyros leave the system, period... otherwise it can get nasty after a while.


Now this is EXTREMELY rough and needs a lot of work, well tomorrow I know what I am doing finishing the JoR and starting some serious notes.

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A Psyro is a cute AI gone completely bonkers. they are the new threat in the CAV Galaxy and right now we have identified only three types, the Drones which are construction \ gatherers what have you. then the Agressor Type A, a cute little defense unit that is not that nasty, and then the Type B, quite nasty.


Their weapons are Plasma weapons...


I hope that this makes it thought the Nyquil fog.



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They basically cannibalize machinery andadd it to themselves, like a sort of robotic self-sustaining Frankenstein. †You can see other threads for the comparison to Borg, Necrons, Tyranids, and other such hive entities.


My models are here, and are made from bits of other CAVs. †Nadin made hers out of Mechwarrior minis. †My story is that a Psyro hive captured a troop transport and ate it.

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okay I usually stay out of these discussions, but now I am curious. †If the psyros cannibalize other machines to add onto themselves, how do you(the person, building the model) do that? †Do you purchase a CAV piece just for the parts? †Does Reaper sell just parts, (or might that be part of the boneyard's function)? †Is it allowable to integrate parts from other companies? †Does that make it any less of a CAV piece? †Are there guidelines or rules for this?


Please, I am not planning on playing, yes you all have fun and I like that, it just isn't my thing, and I can respect your enthusiasm for the game and will not bash on it. (I actually even suggested it at the FLGS to a stranger, who was last seen with a CAV book in hand at the checkout counter) †I just like to be able to follow the discussion in a semi-intelligent manner. †


thanks guys,


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Right now, most people using the Psyros, are proxying them with whatever they can come up with.  Those of us who have the JoR (Journel of Recognition) have seen the artwork on them.  


Until Reaper gets around to put out "offical" Psyro mini's, we'll have to make do with whatever we can come up with.  Sort of like a Franken-CAV gone psychoitc (sp??).  ???

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If the psyros cannibalize other machines to add onto themselves, how do you(the person, building the model) do that?
Also, they're not all that common.  There is a small amount of info on them in the CAV Rulebook, but no stats.  The stats that we do have are in the JoR and brand new, so a lot of people aren't/won't playing w/them.


They're not a major threat to the galaxy or anything (yet), like the Clans were to BattleTech.  Instead they appear from time to time and the local governement tries their best to nuke them out of existance.  The majority of the conflicts in CAV should still be CAVs vs. CAVs, but since the Psyros are the newest toys, people are talking about them and trying them out.

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