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LTPK5: Rasia (02823) and Dain (02811)

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Thanks all! I like the colors on Dain so much, I'm planning to use them again. Rasia definitely came out cleaner.


My main issues with the metallic paint was that if I didn't thin them somehow, they'd get goopy and hard to control very quickly. If I thinned with water only, it wasn't goopy, but coverage was spotty. If I mixed it with brush-on sealer, or another non-metallic paint, they mostly worked better, but getting the mixture right was fiddly, and I'm lazy.

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Yes, you've run into a pretty standard problem with metallic paints.  The two main issue are that a) the mica flakes are kept in suspension, but if you add water then the paint separates and b) metallic paints tend to have poor coverage to begin with.  You have already tried two of the common suggestions.  Another one is to first paint the area that is to be metallic with a solid layer of paint and then go over that with your metallic.  That way you have a base of paint and are just adding shine.


Personally, I like to mix Vallejo Glaze Medium into my metallic paints.  Considering that you didn't like the sealer, you'd probably not like the glaze medium either.

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    • By dmpv01
      This is the bones casting. I wish I had gotten the metal version once I started painting this as it seems some details were lost, especially in the face, and I found it more difficult to paint.

    • By NyarlaBcn
      All of the sculpts from the 25th anniversary miniatures were great. All of them amazingly painted. 
      But there was one of them which palette I didn't really liked... too much color :d
      So I painted my Dain Deepaxe with a sober palette. 

    • By wdmartin
      I got my brother a set of Reaper's core paints for Christmas -- he's just getting into painting.  Since I ordered them in November, I wound up with FOUR of the silver anniversary Dain Deepaxe, and offered to help him break in his paints by painting this one up.






      This one came damaged -- missing half of one horn and with a crack down the center of the mini.  You can see it on his right shoulder.  I decided to paint this one because the damage made it more interesting: clearly, he's been in desperate combat against some dread beast whose terrible claws clove straight through his horn and cracked his armor before he finally laid it low.
      I've also decided not to ask for a replacement.  Even after giving one to my brother, I've got two unpainted ones left.  That'll be plenty, thanks.
      His left arm is also different from stock -- I messed up the pin placement and it just would not fit normally, so I had to use green stuff to give him a bit more bicep than he'd usually have on that side.    Let that be a lesson, people: get your pins centered!
    • By Sophie was taken
      For your perusal, Rasia w/ Spiked Chain and Dain Deepaxe:

      Dain was the last mini I was able to paint before packing up about three years or so ago, and Rasia represents my return to the hobby, as seen in this WIP thread. The latter suffered some paint loss on her left leg upon removal from the mounting base, visible here before being patched up. Rasia was also an experiment with the Red Hair triad.
      Overall, I’m pleased with the results. While I’m still a beginner, these two are a far cry from some of my early attempts.
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